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    With this bug, the standalone version became unusable.
  2. Because of this bug I am stuck with 5.0.1623 and a licence, that became too restricted. Testing other DAM programs.
  3. Yes, thanks again! I can confirm, that after the settings folder was recreated, the issue is gone, everything works fine.
  4. Thank you, Greg! I have reproduced the crash and sent the log file to Daria via PM. Have all a nice day!
  5. Would you happen to know, what quick fixes?
  6. I will also try that, I'm having the same issue with the same Daminion version on Win7/64 (and at least one version before). Just for the record.
  7. There might be no real advantage, perhaps it is more a matter of habit, since some other programs do have a keyboard shortcut for this (Lightroom, Faststone, Zoner ...) and I also sometimes "forget", that there is none in Daminion.
  8. Jacal

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    Exactly the same behaviour, Wilfried reported, also here.
  9. After adding custom xmp-daminion and xmp-studioline tags to ExifTool's configuration file, it should be easy to copy or move data between them. I think.
  10. Perhaps he means the right Properties panel, which can also be customized.
  11. This is one of the two Daminion issues, that make me switch to other tools. The half-second gap, that happens also in Preview window, even with small jpeg files, makes the program unusable (to me) for comparison of similar photo edits, where switching between a handful of images reveals subtle differences, but only if switching is instant. Like it is in the little IrfanView, that I am using, or Faststone or any other lightweight image viewer.
  12. Save your sets of rules and they will appear under Saved searches.
  13. And, by the way, switching from (the default, in my case) English to French, leaves many things displayed in English.
  14. I noticed this 3-4 versions ago: http://shrani.si/f/1h/q4/4u7Ib8Q3/dampref.png (The number should be 100.) I can reproduce it on a Win7 virtual machine, but not on a XP machine. Win7/64, screen resolution 1920 x 1200.
  15. But id did work for some time, recognizing changes in file size. It looks like a regression. Be well!
  16. Adding a couple of tags using third party editor (like Geosetter) slightly changes the file size, but when time remains unchanged, it can happen that the changes are not recognized during rescan.
  17. Rescan should find added and changed metadata even with unchanged file timestamp, and this bug was fixed at least once in the past. I have also noticed that it currently doesn't work as expected.
  18. I have upgraded my main win7/64 system to Standalone 1405 and writing tags to PDF works without problems. For some reason it doesn't work on a virtual XP system, but if there are no problems on actual XP computers, I wouldn't bother with this. Thank you!
  19. Is writing XMP tags to PDF supposed to be already supported? I don't seem to be able to write or change anything. Same thing with SVG. Installing Ghostscript doesn't change this. (Tried with latest standalone beta version, but on a virtual XP machine.)
  20. I suppose this could be very complicated, since not every file is catalogued and some files can be in more than one catalogue. You can simply open a file in a program that can display metadata.
  21. But just above the beginning of the second page, you have the "Go Back" arrow, that does exactly that. This looks good enough to me.
  22. Perhaps look at the Roadmap. It looks demanding to me, the current version is stable, so I would prefer the next beta version to be at least "quite" usable, when it comes out. Have a nice day!
  23. When shooting RAW+JPG, you get additional jpg images, that look exactly the same as the preview jpg, included in every cr2 file (only less compressed, but the difference is hard to see). Using Canon's DPP, you can batch-export such jpgs, when/if needed, and you can use DPP or any other raw editor to actually edit raw files and get better/different outcome. So I'm guessing that most users, that shoot in raw formats, don't also create jpgs, I believe you are a typical user of RAW+JPG, like I was, not so many years ago, when I started fiddling with raw images. With Daminion, I am grouping raw and often multiple jpg versions of a photo, created sometimes with different tools, putting the preferred one on the top.
  24. Typo: In sentence that begins with "And, as if that weren't enough, the Advanced Search ...", there is an unnecessary forgotten "the", I would say ("allows the you to locate"). The same sentence can also illustrate my only, completely personal, remark; the style of your text resembles the language of commercials a little too much for my taste. Thanks, have a nice day! Mart
  25. Yes, only the textual description is written to XMP-xmp:Label tag, it can be whatever you want, but when using custom descriptions, you have to configure Daminion - or any other program - to assign the desired colour to that description. Have a nice day!
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