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    With this bug, the standalone version became unusable.
  2. Because of this bug I am stuck with 5.0.1623 and a licence, that became too restricted. Testing other DAM programs.
  3. Yes, thanks again! I can confirm, that after the settings folder was recreated, the issue is gone, everything works fine.
  4. Thank you, Greg! I have reproduced the crash and sent the log file to Daria via PM. Have all a nice day!
  5. Would you happen to know, what quick fixes?
  6. I will also try that, I'm having the same issue with the same Daminion version on Win7/64 (and at least one version before). Just for the record.
  7. There might be no real advantage, perhaps it is more a matter of habit, since some other programs do have a keyboard shortcut for this (Lightroom, Faststone, Zoner ...) and I also sometimes "forget", that there is none in Daminion.
  8. Exactly the same behaviour, Wilfried reported, also here.
  9. After adding custom xmp-daminion and xmp-studioline tags to ExifTool's configuration file, it should be easy to copy or move data between them. I think.
  10. Perhaps he means the right Properties panel, which can also be customized.
  11. This is one of the two Daminion issues, that make me switch to other tools. The half-second gap, that happens also in Preview window, even with small jpeg files, makes the program unusable (to me) for comparison of similar photo edits, where switching between a handful of images reveals subtle differences, but only if switching is instant. Like it is in the little IrfanView, that I am using, or Faststone or any other lightweight image viewer.
  12. Save your sets of rules and they will appear under Saved searches.
  13. And, by the way, switching from (the default, in my case) English to French, leaves many things displayed in English.
  14. I noticed this 3-4 versions ago: http://shrani.si/f/1h/q4/4u7Ib8Q3/dampref.png (The number should be 100.) I can reproduce it on a Win7 virtual machine, but not on a XP machine. Win7/64, screen resolution 1920 x 1200.
  15. But id did work for some time, recognizing changes in file size. It looks like a regression. Be well!
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