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New IP Assigned


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My network uses DHCP and the server machine was assigned a new ip address after a recent power outage. My shared catalog was formerly at\NetCatalog. The server machine is now How do I get the Daminion client to open the Shared Catalog? I can't find any way to change the ip address of the shared catalog to the new server ip. Can anyone help?


Shouldn't catalogs use the machine name instead of the hard-coded ip address in order to avoid this problem?

I guess I figured it out. I added a "new" catalog with the new ip address of192.168.2.15 and it seems to have retrieved the previous shared catalog. I can then delete what is now the incorrect catalog at This seems very awkward though. For networks with dynamically assigned ip addresses it seems like names should be used; not ip numbers.

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I would also vote for Daminion using name resolution so that machine names can be used as well as IP addresses.


Having said that, though, in this specific case I would recommend using a reservation on your DHCP server so that important machines can still benefit from DHCP but have predictable, essentially static, addresses. I have done this with my key machines and find it works very well.

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