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  1. When I add files to my catalogue, I have Daminion automatically convert the CR2 files to DNG and store the DNG files in a new location. Daminion 7 automatically adds a Category entry to each file for the date even though my settings say not to add any metadata during import/conversion. Can anyone tell me how to avoid having this date category automatically added? Daminion 7.0.0 (build 2457). Thanks
  2. For some unknown reason the image thumbnails in Daminion have started taking a very long time to appear after I select a folder. This never used to be a problem. I can't think of any changes that I've made since when it worked correctly. To help describe the problem in this post, I just selected a folder containing 125 DNG files. It took 76 seconds for all the thumbnails to appear. For comparison, I selected the same folder in Windows File Explorer (with "Large Thumbnails" view chosen) and it took under 2 seconds for all the thumbnails to appear. The DNG files contain embedded thumbnails and m
  3. I've attached ExifTool output for two of the WAV files that got renamed to the incorrect date. I am not sure why there is no EXIF data shown for one of the files. Do these screen grabs provide you with what you need?? Thanks for checking it out. Mardon
  4. I often use my camera (Canon 1D Mark IV) to create a .WAV audio file that describes the corresponding .CR2 RAW image (same file name except for the file extension). When I import these files into Daminion, I use Daminion’s features to (1) convert the images to .DNG files, (2) create a new folder and place the files there, and (3) rename the files by adding a date string to the beginning of the filenames. Here are the strings that I use to create the folders and rename the files: “Create Sub-Folders†%yyyy\%yyyy%mm%dd\DNG “Rename Files†%yyyy%mm%dd%basename.%ext This wo
  5. I got an “Unhandled exception message†when I closed down Daminion client. The last thing I did inside Daminion before closing the program was delete about a dozen files (and sent them to the recycle bin). The full text of the exception message is in the attached file. I went back into Daminion after this happened and everything looked OK. The files had been removed as they should have been. I didn’t see anything wrong. - Mardon Unhandled exception message.txt
  6. Thank you Uwe. I had done everything you suggested but still wasn't seeing a "Delete" option for the Preset I wanted to delete. After reading your post, I knew I must be close, so I tried it again. What I was missing was that the Preset to be deleted must be selected as the active Preset BEFORE the delete option will appear in the list as one of the choices. Originally, there was no delete option in the list for the Preset I wanted to delete. Once I selected that Preset as the active Preset, the delete option appeared and I was able to get rid of it. I guess I should have figured this out mor
  7. Perhaps I’m overlooking something obvious but I can’t figure out how to delete a Custom Preset from the “Chose files to import†dialogue box. I made an error when I created a “Rename Files†Preset, so I want to delete it. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks, Mardon
  8. Just want to say how pleased I am with the ease of getting Daminion Server and Client working again after a crash of my Windows 10 Pro OS. I keep a Paragon disk image of my OS, so getting back in service after a crash is not usually a big deal. Unfortunately, in this instance my disk images were not usable (for reasons I’ll not get into here) and I had to rebuild the OS as a clean Windows install. All my photos and data are located on external eSATA drives, with backups on separate external drives, so only my OS was affected by the crash. I installed Daminion Server 5.8 on the cl
  9. Thanks Uwe. The issue doesn't seem to be dependent on which piece of metadata I have edited. I'm thinking maybe it is time dependent. The process of writing the metadata into RAW files is very slow, so maybe I'm not giving enough time for all the files to be written before I try to use one of the files for creating a jpeg. I wonder if that could be it.
  10. I have encountered this intermittent bug in previous versions of Daminion but I never got around to reporting it until now. The issue is intermittent. I can not reproduce it at will but once the issue occurs, I can only correct it by closing Daminion and reopening it. The issue is that when I change a file Rating and Color Label from the large preview window, the new Rating and Color Label does not get updated in the thumbnails panel. The information does get updated in the image metadata panel. (See attached image.) I know this bug may be hard to find because I can't tell you what
  11. Even after using Daminion since the Alpha builds, I'm ashamed to say that I still don't understand how to correctly save metadata changes to the original RAW file. Can someone provide an explanation? As the attached image shows, I want to save metadata to my RAW files, not sidecars, and I have set the Server Administration accordingly. One thing I don't completely understand is the use of the "Sync" button. I need an explanation. See attached image. It seems like the only way I can get metadata changes to be written to the original RAW file is to click on "Write tags to file" every t
  12. My name is Mardon. The issue occurs for me sporadically and is not reproducible on a consistent basis.
  13. When I use F2 to change a filename in the thumbnail view, the filename gets changed but the change is not reflected in the thumbnail caption. The change is reflected in the properties panel and in Windows Explorer.
  14. Thought I'd confirm that this issue still exists in build 1586.
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