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[8.4 3200] - Windows Process called "PostgreSQL Server runs with up to 50 process


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Hello Daminion community,

I wanted to share that I've just installed the most recent version, 8.4 build 3200, today. However, upon installation, I quickly noticed an unusual occurrence.

There appears to be a Windows Task named "PostgreSQL server" that is running with as many as 50 processes simultaneously. Surprisingly, these processes exhibit minimal CPU usage, yet they consume a significant amount of memory ranging from 2 to 6 MB.

This situation seems quite unconventional and concerning.

Best regards,

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Hi Rene, 


This behavior is not a bug, it's actually a very normal pattern to observe. There is an active database work going on, and even with Daminion server services turned off, you can see that there are multiple PostgreSQL processes running. 


You can use the following query to see what processes are active and what PostgreSQL is doing: 


SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;


Kind regards, 


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