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Thumbnails not shown in Face Recognition Window


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Hi all
Maybe someone has had this experience before - I did move Daminion Server onto a new Windows PC some time ago, and (thought to have) followed the instructions for moving Daminion Server to the letter.

Unfortunatly, even though face recognition information is available on the new Windows PC as expected, the thumbnails are not displayed.

I would not mind - if that would fix the issue - to simple reset face recognition and start over. But does anyone know how that is possible ?
If not, even though I work as a Software Engineer, I did not find a non-risky way. And fiddling around in the database was not approach I wanted to take, due to the risk of data corruption.

Maybe anyone has an idea or a hint ?

Thanks and best regards!


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Short update - after backing up and running the query/dropping the relevant tables, Face Recognition is now reset, but doesn't seem to restart to detect faces nor has Daminion recreated the tables dropped with the previous query. Restarting computer/daminion did not change that/recreate the tables.

After that, I decided to disable Face Recognition, install Version 1.3 of Face Recognition (had 1.2 installed), but also to no avail.

I can live with not having face recognition, but as a Software Engineer, I'd rather have my Daminion catalogue in a consistent state. Maybe recreating those tables dropped would be an option to get it all started ?

I'll see what I can further find out about this issue, thanks for any advise 🙂

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Thanks a lot! I have recreated the tables. Let's see. What really - as a professional Software Engineer - strikes me is, that I was able to remove and install Daminion Face Recognition (downloadable from Daminion Website), and could also start the service after installation - all as expected. But the fact that actually, in my main catalogue with those tables missing, no component complained about Database Integrity or anything at all.

Having seen previous corruptions in my Daminion Catalogue database, as much as I love Daminion, this seems unacceptable to me. That's exactly why I buy a product like Daminion, to not worry about data corruption etc.  - otherwise I could also get a RabbitMQ Message Bus (free), Face Recognition Software (open source), and a desktop client (that one does need programming work). 

Again, I adore Daminion and love to use it, and do so on a daily basis. But a non-techie would have never been able to spot, and even less, repair such a face recognition database issue. That's why I reinstalled the Face Recognition component, as I was certain it would check an warn or recreate missing tables. This seems very odd to me, and again I think Daminion should provide a Consistency Check Tool or something similar.

 This just on a side note - maybe fantastic Daria is reading this, or some Daminion Customer Support.

Sorry for my honest opinion here, a bit off topic. Again, thanks linthujuh, appreciate your help getting Face Recognition back to normal ! I'll post an update once results are in 🙂

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Little update - unfortunatly Face Recognition has not re-initialized, and stays empty. I will now see what options I have to re-creating my catalogue from scratch, but not with backup/restore, to not replicate possibly corrupted database structure. Create Empty Catalogue -> drag and drop files into it, and see how that goes, that might be an option imo.

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