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Found 2 results

  1. Hi experts, I'm using Daminion standalone and upgrade to Daminion 7. When I add files, Created date is used instead of Date taken. As a result, pictures are not correctly sorted. Is it a bug? I verified older import using previous Daminion version and didn't have the issue. Thx for your help Phil
  2. Hi all Maybe someone has had this experience before - I did move Daminion Server onto a new Windows PC some time ago, and (thought to have) followed the instructions for moving Daminion Server to the letter. Unfortunatly, even though face recognition information is available on the new Windows PC as expected, the thumbnails are not displayed. I would not mind - if that would fix the issue - to simple reset face recognition and start over. But does anyone know how that is possible ? If not, even though I work as a Software Engineer, I did not find a non-risky way. And fiddling around in the database was not approach I wanted to take, due to the risk of data corruption. Maybe anyone has an idea or a hint ? Thanks and best regards! Denis
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