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Show tracks in the map - development request


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I have seen the following function at friends who use another software to display the photos:
If in the selection of the selected photos, in their folder and its subfolder GPX files are present, then in the map, in addition to the number of photos per location, the track created by the temporary connection of all GPX files is also displayed.
Is such a function conceivable by means of Daminion?
Many greetings,


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9 hours ago, Uwe said:

Is such a function conceivable by means of Daminion?

I agree with Uwe. It would be a very useful function. Meanwhile, I use two workarounds:

  • Import the GPX file as a custom media type. Double clicking it opens the default app - in my case RoutConverter with the disadvantage of not seeing the positions of the images.
  • As an Open with external tool, I can open GeoSetter, with the disadvantage that starting it can take a while depending on how many images are in the same folder (normally all pictures I made the same day).

In both cases, I get only the track(s) residing in the same sub-folder of the selected image.

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This is a feature/request which I have been looking for already for a long time to pop up in Daminion.
I have .gpx files stored as WilfriedB, in the same folder with corresponding photos.
It would be excellent to have the track feature built in Daminion, without a need to use external programs and also to see the photos along the track.

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