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Exclude folders from face recognition


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is there a way to exclude folders from face recognition? For instance, I have some folders with weddings or with images taken at demonstrations and they include hundreds of faces I don't want to have recognised... It would be awesome if such folders could be excluded.

All the best

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I would even go further and kindly request the following

Like the "rescan folder" function, i would like to rescan folders for facces!

This way my mum and i can sit down and have the scan recognizes faces of her  side of the family etc


I think this will reduce the energy consumtion because i can only scan the folders needed at the time i need them

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On 1/5/2022 at 10:57 AM, lorenz said:

exclude folders

I also strongly support some way to exclude (or include only a subset) certain images from face recognition. However, that could be done by excluding or including folders or just be setting some tag. In any case, I'd consider it a nightmare switching on face recognition could result in analyzing 200k+ images! One of the reasons, why I did not even try it yet.

Until now, I am happy still using Picasa for face recognition (but being aware this might stop working sooner or later). That way, I have more than 25.000 images already tagged with peoples' names. For sure, I need to exclude those from any future face recognition analysis.

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