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  1. Thanks Murat! That's quite helpful, even two years after my post! 🙂 All the best Lorenz
  2. Hey, I have the problem that the rating I do with Daminion Server Edition is not synced with Capture One. If I change in the sidecar .xmp file <xmp:Rating>5.000000</xmp:Rating> manually to <xmp:Rating>5</xmp:Rating> it's working. Thus, C1 seems to have troubles with the decimals. Is this a known issue and is there anything to do? All the best Lorenz
  3. Hi, I could finally solve it by blocking Daminion Server by the firewall. Maybe there is a misconfiguration? The firewall is blocking every second 100+ connections!? Remote address: Aim port: 15253 Protocol: UDP Outgoing Does this say anything to anybody? Thank you!!
  4. Hi all, I have a strange problem: when Daminion Server is running, my smartphone (which is in the same network as the computer where Daminion is installed) is constantly receiving something. The litte download arrow under the network icon is constantly there. This prevents the phone from going into deep sleep and the battery is empty after a few hours (normally after 2 days). If I switch of the Daminion Server the download arrow disappears instantly and everything is fine! As I use Daminion Server only on the computer where it is installed (I need the Server version only for its speed), I tried to set up the firewall to block Daminion but it didn't help. Or I didn't do it right. Has anybody else experienced this behaviour and has a solutino for it? Best Lorenz
  5. Hi Uwe, thank you for the tip! I didn't know about the ExifTool before, I will have a look at it. Best Lorenz
  6. Hi all, I'm using collections with subcollections heavily in ongoing projects. Keywords I only use for describing the content of the image but not for sorting them. My problem is, that collections are not available in other applications. Neither are "projects", if I get it right. Ok, I could also use keywords, something like "__project-a", but I'm not really happy with this. What is the best way to have collections separated but also available in other programs? And - if I go with keywords, a feature like "write collections to keywords" would be great, but doesn't exist as far as I can see? Is there a faster workaround than doing it "by hand"? Thank you for your hints Lorenz
  7. Thank you for clarifying this! And now I see that the thumbnails are saved as .cot files. I think, there will be no chance that Daminion will ever read these files. :-( Or? This sounds like a decent workflow, but I think I didn't get it completely. At the end you create a jpg of the edited image and import this one in Daminion? I think this is the only solution so far, but it doesn't make me really happy. Photo Supreme from IDimager can reflect at least the basic changes done in Capture One. Is there any chance that Daminion will also do this in future? I've also tried Media Pro from PhaseOne which shows the changes of C1 but this software is outdated and has a terrible interface. And the catalog function of C1 is extremly slow with many files and far away from being as useful as Daminion. Have you also tried fastpictureviewer? It's very fast! :-)
  8. Hi Juha, I've thought that this is the way how it works - however, it doesn't. Are there some settings which could prevent Daminion from using the embedded jpges and instead rendering own ones (I've pressed Strg+B many times)? For instance the option to speed up the preview for large files under settings (which is checked in my installation)? I also have to mention that I'm using the standalone version of Daminion. Or maybe Capture One doesn't update the preview image? Thank you for your help! Lorenz
  9. Hello to all, I guess this is an old question but I didn't find any solution which is working for me. I'm interested if there is a solution I didn't see. Or in the way you are dealing with the problem. I edit my images with Capture One (but the question is valid for all raw converters). I want so see the edited images in Daminion (thumbnail and viewer). I know that each raw converter has its own enginge and I know that Daminion can't include these engines and can't apply the changes done with Capture One to the raws. BUT - is there a workaround? Of course, I could export the images as jpg and import these in Daminion. But this is a not convinient workflow for me. My idea is that Daminion doesn't read the raws but only the embedded jpg preview images. So Capture One should replace the embedded preview image of the raw file after editing. And in Daminion I just have to update the thumbnail to see the edited preview image. This is not working right now and my knowledge about raw files is not big enough to see if this really could be a solution - or if its just a dream. ;-) How are you dealing with this? Is there maybe another workaround I missed? Thank you for your answers! Lorenz
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