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2451 – 2457 ORF Shutter Speed


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I just upgraded to 2451 (and to 7.0) and imported first set of Olympus RAW Files, and the Exposure time is missing from the image information. The Properties pane shows aperture and ISO, but the shutter speed is empty. When showing all metadata, there is a value for Exposure Time. If you need, I can provide an example.

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I have sent you the sample.

This seems to be an issue also with JPGs. When I imported the JPGs generated from the ORFs, they had the Shutter Speed missing when I imported them. Also, when I did Read Tags from a file for an JPG that was taken with my mobile, the Shutter Speed disappeared. This was an image that I had imported already earlier and which had the value visible.

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there seems to be a more general problem regarding the Shutter Speed/Exposure Time. I've already sent the information to you by Skype (21.5.2021) about the following problem: a TIF file created by a flat bed scanner got the Shutter Speed 1/250 - that is strange for scanned items 😉

Another bug: A JPG file (shutter speed 1/60) is converted to TIF by NIK Perspective Effects. The TIF metadata Exposure Time = 1/60 BUT Daminion shows/assignes a Shutter Speed = 1/250

build 2457

I'll send the example to you by Skype.

Regards, Uwe

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  • Uwe changed the title to 2451 – 2457 ORF Shutter Speed

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