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2211 - Assign/remove AC group doesn't work


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There is an item assigned to AC group A and AC group B. This assignment was made with build < 2211.
Remove AC group B from the item. ->ok
Assign AC group B to the item -> doesn't work. There are entries in the errors.txt file and in the log file.

Example 2:

There is an item Assigned to AC group A. One can't remove this AC group to get the item public.

This happens when in the "Waiting Room" "Manuell Moderation" and "Required Metadata" are activ. Not checked if only one of them is the reason.

Regards, Uwe

2020-08-16 17:13:17,938 [20] ERROR PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.FindIndexedTagValuesCommand [(null)] - Error: (221099) - 4 - -1 - %% - 10
Operator existiert nicht: real ~~ unknown
Severity: FEHLER
Code: 42883
Hint: Kein Operator stimmt mit dem angegebenen Namen und den Argumenttypen überein. Sie müssen möglicherweise ausdrückliche Typumwandlungen hinzufügen.
   bei Npgsql.NpgsqlState.<ProcessBackendResponses>d__0.MoveNext()
   bei Npgsql.ForwardsOnlyDataReader.GetNextResponseObject(Boolean cleanup)
   bei Npgsql.ForwardsOnlyDataReader.GetNextRowDescription()
   bei Npgsql.ForwardsOnlyDataReader.NextResultInternal()
   bei Npgsql.ForwardsOnlyDataReader..ctor(IEnumerable`1 dataEnumeration, CommandBehavior behavior, NpgsqlCommand command, NotificationThreadBlock threadBlock, Boolean preparedStatement, NpgsqlRowDescription rowDescription)
   bei Npgsql.NpgsqlCommand.GetReader(CommandBehavior cb)
   bei Npgsql.NpgsqlCommand.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior cb)
   bei Npgsql.NpgsqlCommand.ExecuteDbDataReader(CommandBehavior behavior)
   bei System.Data.Common.DbCommand.ExecuteReader()
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.DbCommandWrapper.ExecuteReader() in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.DB\DbCommandWrapper.cs:Zeile 48.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.DbCommandHelper.GetList[T](IDbCommand command, SelectDelegate selectDelegate) in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.DB\DbCommandHelper.cs:Zeile 29.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.DbCommandHelper.GetList[T](IDbCommand command, IMapper mapper) in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.DB\DbCommandHelper.cs:Zeile 73.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.GetValuesFromCatalogBase(String searchValue, Boolean isLeaf, Int64 procParentId, Int32 hierarchyLevel) in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.Utils.Uni\Command\FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.cs:Zeile 220.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.ProcessSearchValue(Int32 searchLevel, Int64 procParentId, String path) in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.Utils.Uni\Command\FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.cs:Zeile 114.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.Start(DbConnection connection) in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.Utils.Uni\Command\FindIndexedTagValuesCommand.cs:Zeile 65.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.DatabaseCommand.Start() in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.Utils.Uni\DatabaseCommand.cs:Zeile 102.
   bei PicaJet.Daminion.Service.Utils.DatabaseCommand.Process() in C:\DaminionAutoGit\code\Service.Utils.Uni\DatabaseCommand.cs:Zeile 50.


Edited by Uwe
Waiting Room settings
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