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moving to a new Server


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Dear Daminion Community,

I'm About to switch to a new Server with a new System.


How do I backup Daminion Server properly?


What do I Need to backup?

1. Database (Opening postgre SQL and hut backup everything)

2. Folders

3. installing daminion Server on the new machine

4. importing the exported file from postgre SQL into the new postge SQL install on the new Server

5. moving the files to the new drives

6. checking if all the drive letters are correct

7. starting daminion



Anything else?





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So here's a (possibly daft) suggestion.


  1. If you write all tags to file, then move the images to their new position.
  2. Install Daminion on new host
  3. Import all files to an empty catalog.
  4. Accept all tags


Isn't that one way of doing it?


I've done that a few times. Your catalog may be a lot more complex than mine of course



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Thanks Daria,



I got to admit I'm still having the same machine: HP Data Vault X311, Intel Atom D510 Dual Core 1.6GHz - 4GB-RAM, but after switching to Windows 10 Pro, Daminion is much faster.


Any other tips on how to improve the performence on a low end machine? reducing size for Thumbnails?

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Any other tips on how to improve the performance on a low end machine?

In my case it seems, I gained the biggest improvement by placing the thumbnails on an SSD (together with Windows and all programs) while the images reside on a traditional hard drive.Still wondering, if I should move the PostgreSQL database too.

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