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  1. I think our best hope is that our "underpowered NASes" are now sufficiently powerful that with plenty of RAM, the newer higher spec + models are capable of running Windows in a VM. I think that's the way to go. It's a delicious irony though that the NASes that are declared by Daminion to be incapable of running Daminion, may well be able to do not only that, but also to run two extra layers in the stack, the VM and the Windows OS to enable Daminion to run. Realistically, this has never really been about the power of the NASes. Daminion just wants to concentrate on its major revenue stream, which is in the Windows space. It's odd when you consider how many web servers now run Linux. But it is what it is.
  2. Maybe. Light versus Dark desktop is a Marmite thing**. Personally I prefer light to dark, but some people prefer life on the Dark Side 🤣 **Does "Marmite thing" translate?
  3. No offence was taken either.
  4. Thanks Wilfried I think you'll be seeing me back here a bit more because Synology have DSM 7 in beta at the moment. It has a completely new photo management app so I'll have to write a new Daminion help section to describe the new integration. So, for a while at least, Daminion version 7 will integrate with Synology DSM version 7 in a happy coincidence
  5. OK I obviously touched a nerve so let me elaborate: 1. No I was not paid 2. This is a member forum is it not? if we come here to criticise and raise bugs are we not also entitled to come here to praise? 3. If you read my simple post again you'll see that I made one point, that, love it or hate it, the arrival of a new UI indicates that the product has a future. I for one was very concerned that development of the desktop client had lagged behind the web client and I was concerned that it might even be withdrawn 4. UI redesign is always contentious. Like I said, it's a love or hate it situation. I didn't say it was perfect, merely that it was a good way forward. 5. I would agree that a light and dark option would be good. Many apps that I use have that ability. 6. Omelettes, eggs Have a good day everyone.
  6. Well, what a breath of fresh air! The old UI looked so tired. Love it or hate it, this tells you that Daminion is committed to the desktop client and that it has a future.
  7. Frankly, I am waiting to see one that's worth the hassle. I've never found one with consistent enough results, or slick ways of correcting incorrect tags, missed faces and"faces" that aren't. Same with subject AI
  8. Sorry Sorry about that. Some plugin updates basically wrecked the site. 😞 I think I have corrected it now.
  9. I saw the facebook post about the new auto-tagging feature. As the full article says, tagging is a relentless chore and one that I'd love to avoid. But I know it's the only way I'm going to retrieve my pictures in the way I want. I have played with many AI-driven tagging applications and none of them has so far looked even vaguely useful. So I thought I'd take up Daminion's offer of a test drive of their take on this tricky subject. So I threw a few random images at the test site to evaluate the results. I'm sorry that the image is so small but there is a limit of 295 px wide, which is a shame. I did 9 images. The AI engine processed them with lightning speed. But how accurate were the results? More to the point how USEFUL to me are they? Because the most accurate AI tag is useless if it is not meaningful to me. Of the nine, five produced a tag that was accurate (check marks), although only one would have been my first choice Frequently, there were tags that unhelpful to downright weird. For example, the picture of a deer had a suggested tag of "Adaptation" Some had no useful tags at all and the picture of a cat was identified as a dog! If these tags were auto-suggested. I would have to spend a lot of time dismissing unwanted ones. Conclusion: Nice try but there's a way to go before AI tags would be even remotely useful. What's your experience? Paul
  10. Try this link https://daminion.net/user-forum/index.php?/topic/3353-daminion-standalone-and-home-server/
  11. Hi Frank Yes I have heard of Xpenology and I was interested until I found this on a site: So we decided to directly ask Synology France the question and here are their answers: " You should know that the use of XPEnology is illegal, and violates the intellectual property of Synology while infringing its copyright. And the manufacturer says: " It is not allowed to install DSM on another server and can pose legal problems. DSM consists of two parts: GPL and our proprietary software. Finally, " Synology has not granted third-party rights to install our own software on non-Synology servers. " Plus, since I rely heavily on Synology packages and their Support I decided to play safe
  12. So here's the spec of the latest "under powered" NAS from Synology - which I might upgrade to next year I'm not going to repeat the plea for a Synology Package - that's clearly never going to happen. No, the point is, this new box is certified to run a Windows 2016 Server VM. With a quad core 2.1GHz processor and up to 32GB RAM it will easily perform that task as well as all the other apps I run, giving me a one-box solution. The downside is I'm going to have to learn another OS It's not cheap, but then neither is my current DS916+ 8GB / DX513 expansion combo. What do you think?
  13. Yes, well, as I said, tagging in Windows is not recommended. So .....
  14. Did you Save the image after you entered the Daminion Comment? On my system a test comment gets written to the EXIF Field "User Comment." That's what I meant about there being no standard! :(
  15. If you do this on an image in Daminion it will show you all the metadata, and you can then see which field Windows uses. There is no universal standard for using these fields. I would never tag anything in Windows. Only in Daminion. If you have lots of photos that were tagged in Windows, you can use ExifTool to move tags from one field to another
  16. But the map is provided by Google Maps, so they provide the controls don't they? Mouse wheel to zoom in and out, click, hold and move to pan
  17. No, I have a much more powerful server, but as it's a Synology NAS.......
  18. I'd like to raise, again, the issue of Daminion Server on a Synology NAS, the number one Feature Request. So far it has been rejected due to the "low power of NAS drives," something which a lot of us have questioned. Answering a completely unrelated question from Rene, something caught my eye in his signature block - his Windows server spec:: Server-Information: HP Data Vault X311 - Microsoft Windows 10 Professional - Intel Atom D510 Dual Core 1.6GHz - 4GB-RAM - Daminion Server By comparison, here are the specs for my Synology NAS: CPU: INTEL Pentium N3710 CPU clock rate: 1.6 GHz CPU cores: 4 Total physical memory: 8192 MB 4 cores running at the same speed per core as Rene's 2. Double the RAM Benchmark tests reveal that the Pentium processor outperforms the Atom: Multi core = 3.1 x faster Single core = 2.3 x AES Single Core = 15.7 x Passmark = 2.9 x Passmark single = 2.1 Here's the source: So, ironically, Rene would no doubt love to have my "underpowered" processor in his slow server - the slow server that is already running Damion. Meanwhile, my "underpowered" NAS is currently running the following: 2 x websites Photo Station Daminion library location Moments Email server bliss Music Server Cloud sync to Amazon Note Station Synology Drive Synology Office Synology Surveillance Station DNS server Calendar app CardDav server Synology Chat and it is doing all of that without breaking a sweat. The system load is currently: CPU - 30% RAM - 41% So could someone please explain to me why we can't have a Synology Package version of Daminion, because i just don't get it.
  19. Rene Are you running the web server on your HP Data Vault? Paul
  20. Ctrl+A, Ctrl+B is the way to refresh them I believe?
  21. Yes, but not all of it. Elements stores some of the data in its internal database and does not write it to the image files. Daminion can only import the dats that has been written to file in Elements. Try a sample of some of the 100K images and see what you think of the result.
  22. Yes, it's time consuming but you can at least select all of the images that have imported tag "x" and then drag and drop those onto Daminion's version of the tag But I appreciate that with hundreds of thousands of images you have a lot to convert. You could write some complex exiftool commands to semi automate it but by the time you have written the script, tested it and dealt with the anomalies in such a large library, it will be just as quick to use the drag and drop method. And far less destructive. One tip: turn off Daminion's auto-sync before you start to prevent multiple rewrites of the metadata to the same image. Another: Before you start the conversion process, see if you can pause any keyword management in Elements, otherwise you will go round in circles trying to complete the task
  23. OK, so you can use those keywords to select the images and convert them to Daminion People, Places, Events. It's a one time chore.
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