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Have a handful items that I can't delete. Attempting to remove them causes Daminion to hang


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Just like the title says. I have about a dozen items that I've tried to delete and they caused Daminion to hang. After about 30 minutes I had to force quit Daminion from Task Manager. The items themselves were deleted from my file system but they still appear in Daminion as missing items.


So now, if I merely select any of them and choose "remove", it will hang Daminion and I have to force quit it from Task Manager.


Are there any other options for removing these items from my catalog?

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I have this problem too, in Home Server.  It happens every time I view a video, then try to delete the file from the catalog and disk, without closing the viewer or viewing something else. 

So, even though I know how avoid it, sometimes I forget.  My bad.

But the penalty should not be a program crash.  Trying to delete a file that is open in another program could generate an error, but it shouldn't lock up the program requiring intervention by the task manager.

Perhaps this can be considered in an upcoming version.


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