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  1. Paul, I'm getting this error on the way to your Help page: Error! We could not verify the the security token. Please try again. Mike
  2. I have this problem too, in Home Server. It happens every time I view a video, then try to delete the file from the catalog and disk, without closing the viewer or viewing something else. So, even though I know how avoid it, sometimes I forget. My bad. But the penalty should not be a program crash. Trying to delete a file that is open in another program could generate an error, but it shouldn't lock up the program requiring intervention by the task manager. Perhaps this can be considered in an upcoming version. Thanks
  3. Paul, It appears that none of this will work for me. According to a comment in the Synology forum, Photo Station will not read keywords in xmp sidecar files, where all of my keywords are saved for hundreds of video clips. These are video files that cannot hold metadata. "Hi, I don't think the Photo Station wil ever read the external XMP sidecar files. Sorry." Do you think there might be a way to use Daminion's client to remotely access media stored on the DiskStation? Mike
  4. Thanks, Paul. I really like Daminion's single interface for photos and videos. As soon as I learn enough to set up my NAS for system backup plus cloud sharing plus file storage plus photo/video management, I'll try your suggestion. I hope I can use the keywords in all of the xmp files for the video clips. Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Mike
  5. Paul, I've been reading your excellent material on Synology. Since my catalog includes hundreds of home video clips, I was wondering if you would suggest any differences in your photo-centric approach that would include Synology's "Video Station"? I have the DS718+ with two 10 TB drives and want to make some videos (and photos) accessible on the Web.
  6. It seems that Adobe products ignore some xmp sidecar files with the format "basename.xmp" and in the case of AVCHD files, at least, require the format to be "basename.MTS.xmp". How do you change the default xmp filename format to simply append ".xmp" to the complete filename (including extension) so that the result looks like "basename.MTS.xmp"?
  7. Thanks, Murat. I'm adding a longer clip. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/2dqufejwkv07fk0/AABs56aDnr-KPUbllv5QkV02a?dl=0 Mike
  8. Problem Summary: Thumbnails created for mts video files were distorted by some sections of the thumbnail showing as gray. I would take this issue to sites you suggest, but I'm a little sketchy on the background. I don't even know the version used by daminion. After some trial and considerable error, I found a way to test the command line you offered using daminion's instance of mplayer. I saw that if I generated three jpeg or png files -frames 3 and jpeg:outdir="\temp"the first one was poor, the second one was better, and the third one was clear. 1. Does this help? 2. Are we stuck with mplayer? Is there an option to select a different frame extraction application? Windows Explorer and some other viewer apps don't seem to have problems grabbing frames from mts videos. Mike
  9. Here is what the two mts file thumbnails look like. The clear thumbnail is just the first 4 seconds of the file with the distorted thumbnail. I hope adding this problem to a thread on MPEG files wasn't a big mistake...
  10. Hi, Murat I shared a dropbox folder with you that has two MTS files. After some experimentation, I found that thumbnails for videos in this format that were 16 MB or smaller were OK. Thumbnails for videos larger than 33 MB were corrupted. The thumbnail generated for the smaller file in dropbox is fine. The thumbnail for the larger one is corrupted. ...on my system, anyway. Please let me know if you see the same results. I looked at the MPlayer and didn't understand the process of choosing a version well enough to try your suggestion to update MPlayer. It did occur to me that I have several pretty good players here and I wondered if there was an option for daminion to allow the user to select a different player, in case they have one they like. Thanks, Mike
  11. I'm new here, trying out Daminion 3.4 and experiencing a problem with thumbnails for mts files. There are areas of the thumbnails that are gray blotches as shown in attached file. This problem may be related to those described in this thread. Are there any solutions or work-arounds for this?
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