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Where can I enter the geographical altitude?


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Hi Egon,

the only chance I see at the moment is to use the ExifTool to write GPS Altitude metadata if not already existing.



E.g.: -EXIF:GPSAltitudeRef="Above Sea Level" -EXIF:GPSAltitude="10m" -overwrite_original


Then one has to call "read tags from file" to update the database and to see the Altitude in the Properties of the item.

Regards, Uwe

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Hi Egon,

I always use the ExifToolGUI to work with the ExifTool.

here is an example of a command to write EXIF and XMP metadata:

-EXIF:GPSAltitudeRef="Above Sea Level" -XMP-exif:GPSAltitudeRef="Above Sea Level" -EXIF:GPSAltitude="10m" -XMP-exif:GPSAltitude="10m"-overwrite_original

and a screenshot attached.

Regards, Uwe


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Where can I enter the geographical altitude.

I use GeoSetter, which uses the ExifTool under the covers. It not only allows you to enter an arbitrary value, but also retrieves the altitude based on longitude/latitude. This can be done for a single image or for multiple (in the same folder) in a single step. After that, you should import the values into Daminion with Actions->Read Tags from File.

Besides that, I find it more convenient in GeoSetter to initially set (manually or by reading a GPS log) or change a position. It is also capable to retrieve the place (Country/State/City/Location) based on the longitude/latitude.

I suggest to used a current Beta version of GeoSetter, since the "official" version did not change since several years.

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