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  1. Hello Kate, can you send me your mail adress for the catalog. Greetings Egon
  2. Hello Wilfried, I have waited some minutes. But no changes. The same error. Greetings Egon
  3. Hello, after mail from Murat I install Daminion 6.7 (2237). The result: Daminion could not open my catalog. SQL logik error, no such table: tagLinks (see attachment) Egon
  4. Hello, it's not possible to publish a list of the fixed bugs in a new version? Egon
  5. Hello Daria, I have 2 files in thumbnail panel. This files are not selected. Then I go to "Keyword" -> "Assign to files" and then comes the error. Edit: This error is in all assignable tags. Greetings Egon
  6. Egon

    strange side effect

    Hello Daria, thank you. This runs. Greetings Egon
  7. Hello, I have marked several files. Then i search for a certain numeric value of a tag in the catalog tag panel. The result is: the marked files have been color-coded. Example: I searched for 48. Then I typed 48 and the color marking of the files is brown. That's funny. Egon
  8. Hello, the following error message is shown, when I will assign a keyword to files. The error is on my side because I have not marked any files. I believe, this bug was not shown in older versions? Egon error.txt
  9. Egon

    Sort by

    Hello together, is it possible to communicate here in english? This is the only way that everyone can benefit from it. Egon
  10. Hello, can anyone say, what's new in 2099? Egon
  11. Hello, I repeated this 4 times in 2099. But there was no crash. In 2091 I did the following: Menu->Catalog->Custom Tags->select a text tag->delete->confirmation. After a while (30 seconds to 1 minute) the errormessage (see above) was shown. A total of 5 times. The tag was deleted. Forget the message. Egon
  12. Hello, Daminion reports after newstart a new version After click on "Download" there is a links to download version 6.2. Late april joke? Egon Edit: The link "can be found here" is ok.
  13. Egon

    Gray tags in place

    Hello, I know, that deleting is not possible. My question was also whether these entries can be hidden. Egon
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