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  1. Murat had posted at August 10, 2013, that the search for offline files exists in the feature list. Is this function now (1934) implemented. If yes, where?
  2. Where can I check the autocomplete function?
  3. No I installed 1934, but there is no change. Only Country is ok.
  4. Only country is ok.
  5. Hello 1. Start catalog analysis (pic1.jpg). You see 3738 files without keywords, 11763 files without title and description. 2. Then I search for files without keywords. (pic2.jpg). I get 3742 files, not 3738. (pic3.jpg) 3. Then I search for files without title. (pic4.jpg). There are no files. (pic5.jpg) The same with description. Egon
  6. Exactly this. I use 1904 build and it does not run.
  7. What is with 2. Registered error #4692. When will this be fixed?
  8. Hallo, in import window the standard sort order is "from newest to oldest". This can be changed in import window. But I must change again and again. Is it possible, to define a standard sort order in preferences with change possibility in import window.
  9. Hello, the new version of standalone Daminion has two "old" errors. 1. The sort order will not be saved. After newstart there is "without sorting" This was fixed in 5.5.1736. But with install the file Settings.xml is updated and sort order was not saved. After changing Settings.xml sort order was saved. 2. No suggestion with location data. This error (registered: #4692) should be fixed soon.
  10. Hello, I have one decimal user defined tag, called "gebaute Stückzahl". When I run a advanced search with this tag the entered value will be changed to 0. This applies to all search conditions. You can see this on the two pictures in the appendix. pic_1.jpg: entered value is 25881 pic_2.jpg: after leaving the input field (click at Append Condition) the value changed to 0 Egon
  11. Hello everybody, thanks for the proposals. I've test GeoSetter and it runs. Egon
  12. Thanks Uwe, do you have possibly a example command line? Egon
  13. Hello, Where can I enter the geographical altitude. Latitude and length is clear (drag to the map). Thanks Egon
  14. Hello, when entering "Location" no proposal from the tag [Location] is offered. With other tags there are still suggestions. In version 5.0 1582 everything was ok. Egon
  15. Now I installed Build 1736 and nothing is better. I select a file with geo tags and in the map is no marker and count. For me the work with the map has become worse (since 1726).
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