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  1. Hello together, Juha, it runs. Uwe, I think it's the import time stamp to the old catalog.
  2. Hello Juha, thanks for the explanations. But the difference does not come from the milliseconds. Example: old catalog: 18.12.2009 17:48:43, new catalog and file: 15.03.2017 17:43:22. I have no idea where the difference is coming from. I have test your new script and I got errors: C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion\DamScan\DamScan-1.5.1>python DamCompare.py -f -l -c1 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\DaminionCatalog_ganz neu.dmc" -c2 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\CatNeu_2.dmc" -o out.txt Traceback (most recent call last): File "DamCompare.py", line 288, in <module> main() File "DamCompare.py", line 279, in main ScanCatalog(catalog1, catalog2, session, VerboseOutput) File "DamCompare.py", line 233, in ScanCatalog compare_image(curr_img, img2, session) File "DamCompare.py", line 194, in compare_image same, tags = img1.image_eq(img2, session.dist_tolerance, session.alt_tolerance) File "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion\DamScan\DamScan-1.5.1\Daminion\DamImage.py", line 229, in image_eq self.creationtime = self.creationtime.replace(microsecond=0) TypeError: replace() takes no keyword arguments C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion\DamScan\DamScan-1.5.1> Whats wrong?
  3. I have imported all files from one catalog to a new empty catalog. Then I run DamCompare.py (https://forum.daminion.net/topic/3475-tool-to-check-consistency-of-tags/) and analyzed the reported errors. The most errors were found in the GPS data (altitude). From my 13924 files with GPS differ 11529 files from the catalog! Example: One file with Altitude 431 m (1414.04 ft) in catalog. The file has 256 m (839.9 ft). (Seen in geosetter, windows fileproperties and irfanview) Daminion "Sync->Write tags to file" and "Actions->Write tags to file" bring no change. How can the altitude be written from the catalog to the files?
  4. Hello Wilfried, how can I import with Daminion? The menu item file-> import-> Daminion Local Catalog (.dmc) is gray (can not be selected)
  5. Hello, I have exported all the files in a catalog to csv and then imported them into a new empty catalog. For all files with GPS the Altitude was imported incorrectly. Example: original: 430 m (1410.76 ft), in the new catalog: 256 m (839.9 ft), in csv file: 430. Tags with commas have been separated in the new catalog. How can this be prevented? Egon
  6. Thank you Wilfried and Juha, I have exported all the files of a catalog to csv, created a new catalog and imported the csv file. Then I executed the following command: python DamCompare.py -f -l -c1 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\DaminionCatalog_ganz neu.dmc" -c2 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\CatNeu.dmc" -o out .txt There were many errors related to the import. But a mistake has in my view nothing to do with the import. Many files recognize the creation date as incorrect. But it is identical to the old catalog in the new catalog. Errormessage: D:\eigene Bilder\2004\Ausflüge\Wien\DSCN0020.jpg <> D:\eigene Bilder\2004\Ausflüge\Wien\DSCN0020.jpg Creation Time csv file: FilePath;Item Id;Rating;Label;People;Place;Event;Categories;Keywords;Project;Client;Authors;Copyrights;Scene;Subject Code;Intellectual Genre;Creation Datetime;... ... D:\eigene Bilder\2004\Ausflüge\Wien\DSCN0020.jpg;1100;;;;Österreich\Wien\\Wien;;Autos\C, Autos\C\Chrysler, Autos\C\Chrysler\Crossfire, Autos;;Chrysler Crossfire;;;;;;;18.12.2009 17:48:43;... ... What is the real difference? Greetings Egon
  7. Hello Juha. thank you for your answer. I added -f flag.. The result was the same. (except, before the file name was the path) All pictures would not be available in the new catalog. I understood that your script imported the pictures into the new, empty catalog. Is that correct? Egon
  8. Hello Daria, oK. That was clear. Are you planning a change here in an upcoming version? Greetings Egon
  9. Hello together, this decision is a pity. Greetings Egon
  10. Hello together, thanks for the explanations. Greetings Egon
  11. Hello Daria, of course. Suggest 2 or 3 appointments. Kind regards Egon
  12. Juha, I tested your DamCompare.py (download from GitHub) with the following command python DamCompare.py -l -c1 oldcat.dmc -c2 newcat.dmc. The new catalog I have previously created. In the result, all files were missing. What did I do wrong ? DSCF2665.jpg <> – ERROR: file missing
  13. Hello, if you go to "Help" -> "Check for Updates Online..." you get pic_1.jpg. If you click "Download", you get pic_2.jpg
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