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  1. Hello Daria, sorry I answer so late. but I was away. I think it was 6.2-2030. Egon
  2. Hello there is a new version in the meantime that works with autosynchron? Egon
  3. Hello, in the zip file you have the jpg file and a text file with EXIF data (read with irfanview) Temp.zip
  4. I have a csv file with 100 rows. (plus header) When I import this file several popup windows are displayed one after the other. In the last popup (csvImport_4.jpg) 101 files are displayed. The import is correct, only the display is wrong.
  5. It's clear, that I can not edit Altitude in Daminion. I get this from geosetter or other tool and then Read Tags from file. So I have the Altitude in Daminion catalog. But in the files the Altitude is saved incorrectly. This is my problem! In the attachment you see, catalog has 605 m, file has 256 m. How can I write the altitude 605 to the file? Synchronization -> Write tags to file and Action -> Write tags to file don't change anything.
  6. Hello Wilfried, that is the solution!! Thank you. Then Daminion should show the search window big enough. Egon
  7. Hello Daria, what can I say. It obviously does not work if the lowest path name contains numbers, consists only of numbers or the path name contains "German umlauts" Egon
  8. Hello Daria, this point is related to the point "Error during csv import". Daminion does not show the altitude from the file, but from the catalog. Catalog 430 m, file 256 m. How can I write the altitude 430 to the file?
  9. Hello Daria, "Herstellnummer" is a custom tag. In the old and in the new catalog "Herstellnummer" was text. Egon
  10. Hello Daria, I send you the csv file (test_alt.zip). You can check Check the 1st record. The altitude is 430. The new catalog says 256. In my view, there is no space. The test was in 6.3 (2033, standalone) Egon ) test_alt.zip
  11. Now (6.3, 2033) it goes to https://www.daminion.net/forum/ and not to https://forum.daminion.net/
  12. Not fixed in 6.3 (2033) New test: 310 files with description in catalog, 310 files with description in csv file. But catalog analysis says: 13699 files has no description. Files in catalog: 14707 without description: 13699 difference: 1008 (not 310)
  13. Hello is fixed in 6.3 (2033). Thank you.
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