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Tool to Check Consistency of Tags


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10 minutes ago, Egon said:

I have exported all the files of a catalog to csv, created a new catalog and imported the csv file.

Egon, when you do it that way, the tool should not discover any differences. You should use Daminion, to import into the new catalog.

Not sure, what the cause of the false difference is. Possibly the umlaut ü in the folder name ... but this just a guess only. Which version of the tool did you use? I suggest the on on GitHub Posted on October 25, 2017.

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Hi Egon,

Like Wilfried said, if you export your tags into a CSV and then import them into another catalog, there should be no difference. The purpose of the tools is compare the contents of your catalog to the tag values actually written into the images. When you create a new catalog and add your images there Daminion reads the tags in your images and recreates the database. My tool then compares the original database with the new database to detect differences i.e. tags that have not been written to the images.

The difference in creation time is a "false positive". If you change the creation date in Daminion, Daminion stores the time in database without milliseconds. The milliseconds are still in the image's EXIF data and will be read into database, when you add the image. I think in your case this has happened the other way. When you created your export CSV, the milliseconds were dropped from there and they were not in your new catalog. My tool then detected the difference in milliseconds and reported it.

I have fixed the issue and pushed an updated version to github. The updated version ignores the milliseconds in the comparison. There can still be reported differences in creation time as I have pointed out in thread 



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Hello Juha,

thanks for the explanations. But the difference does not come from the milliseconds.
Example: old catalog: 18.12.2009 17:48:43, new catalog and file: 15.03.2017 17:43:22.
I have no idea where the difference is coming from

I have test your new script and I got errors:

C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion\DamScan\DamScan-1.5.1>python DamCompare.py -f -l -c1 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\DaminionCatalog_ganz neu.dmc" -c2 "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion Catalogs\CatNeu_2.dmc" -o out.txt
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "DamCompare.py", line 288, in <module>
  File "DamCompare.py", line 279, in main
    ScanCatalog(catalog1, catalog2, session, VerboseOutput)
  File "DamCompare.py", line 233, in ScanCatalog
    compare_image(curr_img, img2, session)
  File "DamCompare.py", line 194, in compare_image
    same, tags = img1.image_eq(img2, session.dist_tolerance, session.alt_tolerance)
  File "C:\Users\wir\Documents\Daminion\DamScan\DamScan-1.5.1\Daminion\DamImage.py", line 229, in image_eq
    self.creationtime = self.creationtime.replace(microsecond=0)
TypeError: replace() takes no keyword arguments



Whats wrong?

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My mistake, I didn't test with the local catalogs, I only tested with server catalogs. The internal representations are different for server and local catalogs for date/time and that caused my program to fail. The fixed version is now in github.

I cannot help you with the actual time difference. The only tip I have is that you check with ExifTool (in Daminion show all meta data) the date/time fields.


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3 hours ago, Egon said:

15.03.2017 17:43:22

Hi Egon,

my question: does the time stamp above correspond to any other date/time metadata in the file (file creation date, File Modification Date/Time, etc) imported to the new catalog?

Regards, Uwe

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In this case Daminion's Creation Datetime in the new catalog is identical with the Creation-, Change- and Last Access Date of Windows. This means when you added the image to the new catalog, Daminion could not find any valid Exif, IPTC or XMP metadata in the image.  Since the old catalog has an older time stamp, we can assume it is the correct time, when the picture was taken. However, meanwhile, the metadata has been remove from image or cannot be read anymore. You should use the Exiftool or Image -> Actions -> Show All Metadata ... to see the metadata in the image file.

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