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1481 - multiple entries of the same metadata


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Hello Daria,

I didn't find this problem in other tags.

Additionally the question: why does one has to approve these "technical" tags? Btw - the approve doesn't work for these tags.

Regards, Uwe


hello Uwe,


sorry, I don't have the answer to this question right now. I asked Valery, but he doesn't know the reason too. It will take some time to find it out.


Best regards,


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this bug is still existing in build 1582.

What happens: there are duplicate entries of the Aperture like (6 entries of the value 0.7):


Each action "Read Tags from File" creates an additional entry of the value "0.7" - now 7 entries:


I'll send a video to you.

Regards, Uwe

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In 1747 removing the images that have their own "private" entries from the catalog and re-importing the images will fix the issue and use the "main" entry. (At least for Aperture.)


I fixed one aperture value manually, and :negative:. Is there a way of fixing the already imported images automatically? Doing it manually will take ages.



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