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feature request for the Place Tag


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Hey folks,

I'm suggesting a modification of the Place tag. There should be another line saying Continent or something.


So I could have the tag



- Germany

-- Hamburg

- Spain


North America


-- New York

- Canada



and more.




thanks Rene!

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to extend the Places Tag Daminion has to support the IPTC-Tag "World region".





"World Region (of Location Created)

Use this field to record the name of the world region of the location where the image was created. Note, the relationships established by the built-in list are only offered as "suggestions" and the user is free to enter another World Region if they choose. This element is at the first (top) level of a top-down geographical hierarchy."


I had organized the location information in the Keyword Tags before I moved to the Places Tag but I lost the World Region information. To have a new hierarchy in the Places Tag I would have the information back and a more structured hierarchy. Following the recommendations there are 8 entries for the continents or world regions and all other details below this highest level.


I never had problems with the Places Tag: enter or delete tags.


Regards, Uwe

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Hey Uwe,

I know I could use the existing dropdown menu, but than I would loose e.g. the State tab.


This feature is not important, it would simply make it easier to organize the places, but not a must have. there are much more important feature, that would be must haves or at least very important.

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