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Daminion overkill ?


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I would like to buy software to catalog my photo's.


On today I have > 10000 photo's in my library. I'm searching for an easy to run application.(I'm no ICT heroe)

I read about Daminion and it seems to me that it's offering more than I need (only need making categories and apply keywords)


What are you suggesting to me?



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Daminion Free edition can be used to manage up to 15k files per one local catalog.


Before coming into a final conclusion with selecting a right software to manage your photos please consider how will you migrate to another photo management software when your requirements will change in the future.


If you need categories and keywords only you can remove all other tags from the UI.

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Murat, what does 15k per one catalog mean?


15 Gb or 15000 photographs?

Is 'one local catalog' referring to one user only?


Hey vonske, the local catalog is only for one user only. You need the Homenetwork or Fullversion to be able to share your catalog within your network

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Hello vonkske,


15000 files is ok but it doesn't mean 15000 images.

File means: the physical file on the disk.

Item means: the object imported into the Daminion catalog. This can be an image (jpg, tif, psd, dng...), a document (PDF, doc, xls...), a video (mov, avi...) or any other item. You can define import rules to import items that are not supported by default, e.g. zip, rar...

Summary: You can import 15000 files and these can be 10000 images and 5000 documents etc.


Regards, Uwe

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