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  1. 1. What do you want

    • geo coordinates
    • picture relations
    • automatic face recognition
    • marking faces on the pictures
    • locations on the map
    • applications for mac
    • applications for android
    • applications for iOS
    • modelpage
    • scan functionality
    • mosaic functionality

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Hey folks,

I know some things have already been written in this forum. But I thought having such a Vote would be good and way easier to get an overview how many user want which functionality.




-enter coordinates longtitude and latitude to the tags.


-relations between pictures, so Daminion should recognize all the differnet versions of one picture (e.g. edited ones, raws) and assign the tags to these pictures or at least just show me all the different versions and let's me select them all and assign the

tags via copy and paste or by clicking on "assign to all"


-automatic face recognition. preferably like Picasa does it, but without using picasa. Would be great if Damionion could use the engine or so, because picasa isn't really network friendly. If I run it on my Laptop the server needs to run, because all the files are there. if I run it on the Server, I need to go down to the Server and spend hours there. And it could run during the night, as soon as I start the Client-application on my Laptop, I get the suggestions. So I can assign them with respect to the picture relations. So I assign it lets say to one edited Version and it is beeing assigned to all the other Versions of that picture.


-mark the positions of faces on pictures, especially usefull for Group Pictures. Like Facebook and Picasa is doing it.



-locations on map

show the locations on a map, prior download, so it is available on the server offline, like it is available for Imabas (but i would prefer Google Maps) http://www.microsofttranslator.com/bv.aspx?from=de&to=en&a=http://www.pixandmore.de/produkte/imabas/gis.html



-Applications for mac osx and iOS

So I can browse the Database on my iPad and assign Tags, if I see, there are some missing.




I have a big archive of pictures not digitized by now. A lot of these People are already dead. Therefore I would ask the relative

I still have for information and write them into this Model page, so the information are stored all in one place.



-scan functionality

it would be great to have a functionality to scan pictures. I have a picture Scanner, but if it would be done within daminion the pictures could be tagged after scanning immediately and stored. Currently I have to Scan it with the Epson Software, save it, load it into Daminion tag it. Esspecialy in cowork with thte other functionalities like the face recognition and pointing on the face to store that data, all this is a lot less work.



-Mosaic Functionality

I know this is more photo editing, but for this you need to load all the pictures into the program, that's why I think it would be suitable to that within Daminion




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I don't understand the idea with Model page.




I'm not sure I understand either - but I think he's thinking of a way to attach either text files or images to other images... So, for example, I could store a model release document scan along with pictures of that model... I think that's where the name came from. You could store notes about the members of your family tree (especially those departed) along with an image.


Similarly, I could attach text documents to my images - and I kinda like that idea. To be able to write a few lines about the image, the settings I used when I processed it from RAW, and things like that. Not sure I'd use it much, but it's an interesting concept. (I already store .txt files with my panoramic component images to explain their order, RAW conversion settings, etc - so I'd want to attach the note to the "Stack" feature that I hope is coming soon).


Hope he'll elaborate.



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I think that tag relationships will help this feature. You can create tags for the extra informations and then you can link those tags to that name tag. There is no need for extra txt files, everything will be in the image. I can use such feature, too.





Edit: By the way, if there will be a "modelpage", then we need "placepage", "sportteampage" and other cool pages, too. :)

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