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Face recognition problem


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I just realized that when I want to manually tag fotos from persons, daminion suggests that this should be done by face recognition. However, I am waiting now for more than an hour for daminion to tag my newly added pictures from a birthday party which are full of persons which are already in the database and should be easy to recognize. Only 1 out of 50+ pictures were tagged so far, nothing more happens. No image in the face recognition cue. I already restarted the server, my computer and re-installed the face recognition module. Without success.

Any idea?

Why cant I manually restart the face recognition process for selected pictures?



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Seems to be the same problem has here, obviously not solved yet:



I started with tagging persons already before Daminion introduced face recognition. Maybe this is the problem. I just added some additional pictures, and only two of them were in the list of found persons, all the others were ignored. S0 basically, face recognition seems to work, but for some reason only a low percentage of the pictures are checked for faces. For me, this function is unusable. 😞

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RabbitMQ is running fine, I also tried to restart it, no changes.


Yesterday I checked all my person tags and found quite some errors which I corrected.

After I corrected the wrongly tagged persons, I removed a whole folder with lots of persons from the database, did an "optimize database", and then I imported these pictures again. Now it works definitly better, bot some persons (I think especially those from which I have lots of pictures already tagged) do not work well. However, this is a first success.

I think the problem might be due to several reasons:

-  I have more than 60 persons in the list, which might be quite a lot (too much?)

- I have also a few dogs as "persons" in the list

- from some persons, I have pictures over many years, also some scanned pictures when they were a child. These ones have for sure the wrong recording time in their metadata (e.g. picture from 1975, but scanned in 2020 -> metadata time is 2020). I donk know if Daminion checks the time when the picture was taken in oder to optimize face recognition due to change of the ame faces over the years.

- Some persons have been manually tagged since they can be seen on the photo, but only from the back or without their face. This might also confuse Daminions face recognition/learning algorithm


Thanks Daria for the offer to arrange a session, but I dont want to waste your time since it is basically working now (with potential to improve, however).



How can I trigger another face recognition for already imported and scanned files? Do I just have to recreate the thumbnails or do I have to remove these pics and import them again (as described above)?


Hints to optimize the face recongition (taking into account the above mentioned issues) are still welcome 🙂



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@Tschens Hello, you can try to activate a more precise mode with these instructions. 

But this will only work for new files.
In version 7.9 we have added the ability to activate this mode in the menu, as well as sending files again for recognition. 
But 7.9 will be released in a few months.

Unfortunately we can not affect the operation of the algorithm old photos, scans and where faces are too turned around - will not be recognized


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Thanks Oleg for you help. I tried it as suggested just with one single file where the faces were not recognized before and it worked. However, since it does not work with files that are already in the catalog, I had to make a copy of the file at another place, renamed the file and imported it info daminion. The faces have at least 200x200 pixels, and I wonder why they were not recognized before! Unfortunately, as you said it does only work for new files, not for those which are alredy in the catalogue. Even If I remove files from the catalog, optimize the catalog (remove unused thumbs) and re-import these files again, the faces are NOT recongized 😞

Therefore, I am looking very much forward to version 7.9!

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