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No Thumbnail for psd, tiff, ai, eps...


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On 1/26/2022 at 10:40 AM, Daria Kotilainen said:

Hello, we can confirm that there are some issues with the media processor for the Standalone version. We recommend installing Daminion Home server. 

If you have an active maintenance period under Daminion Standalone Pro, the migration to Daminion Home server can be done for free. 


Kind regards, 



What an absurd answer to a serious problem (I also don't see TIFF thumbnails) 😞
If you have some issues with the media processor in the Standalone version, well then fix it, otherwise DON'T SELL the software!!!
I myself absolutely don't need a Home Server version, as probably lots of others... that's why we downloaded the Standalone version in the first place!
If nothing is done... it's EXIT Daminion for me 😞


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I use the server version. As far as I understand it: the standalone version is the Daminion client working with a local catalog - right? I stopped the server started the client, used an old, already existing empty local test catalog and imported tiff, eps, gpx, afpub, afdesign, svg, psd with and without layers: all thumbnails are there.

Regards, Uwe


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