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  1. , have you tried right clicking on an Item and from the Menu, at the bottom, select update Thumbnail, and see if that works? If so you can select multiple copies of file type and sit back and wait.
  2. I never felt confident in logging in via server, seemed like one option too many.
  3. And yes that`s true cos it was done for me but I didn`t like using it . So changed back to standalone and Upgraded.
  4. Sorry posted Video twice and couldn't work out how to delete one?
  5. 20210908_071339.mp4 20210908_071339.mp4
  6. OK, It`s just that I got the same 15000 on Installation and reusing original License worked for me But Hey Oh never mind, just trying to help!!!
  7. Hi, always pays to keep a copy of your original License details for any Software
  8. Ok, thanks for that.
  9. Hi, so where do I find that Option on Daminion Standalone please Version
  10. Hi any chance of seeing a Preview please?
  11. Hi FlyNBike, this seems to be just a programme that uploads CR* File to the Computer!! I have no problem uploading , it`s just Daminion that does not display Raw Files, all other Software sees them OK.
  12. OK, but I can`t Download, comes up saying can`t download at present from your Link?
  13. Win 10 version 20H2 Daminion Standalone 6.8.0 After extensive help from Daria, much appreciated, I cannot in Daminion display Canon or Olympus Raw files. Only blank squares where they should be? along with full file details just not the Image. All other Photo Software, ACDsee, Zoner, PHOTOworks, etc displays RAW files OK. By right clicking the thumbnail and opening in Editing Software it opens OK. If it had previous MetaData applied these show up in right hand panel. I have updated the GPU driver graphics also but the problem still it exists? Can anyone
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