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  1. Remote Session seems to be the answer.
  2. Hi Daria, CTRL+B makes no difference, tried to implement Rescan folder but made no difference either, no sure if I'm doing it correctly. The thing is I have a Number of Photo editors, Paid and Free and all CR" and ORF files display OK in all of these, so looks like a Daminion Problem Cheers Len
  3. Hi, Daria Sorry not to well at the Moment but just tried your suggestion, no change i.miklos, also tried your suggestion, no change there either 20200922_130316_9220145.ORF
  4. As the Title, since upping from Home to Server Base none of my RAW files will display, CR2 and ORF. Any suggestions, personally think it a Windows Problem, any Ideas?
  5. Has this been fixed in Ver. 6.7 and if not can I Migrate to the Home server Version?
  6. Len

    Free Version

    Does that price include a once of Purchase or would it stop working after 1 Year and would I get the Upgrade price or have to pay full Price
  7. Len

    Free Version

    Hi, is there still a free version available?
  8. Would it be possible to import in smaller chunks until you find the chunk that causing you problems, then split that one into smaller bits until you find the faulty file ( the one that causing the Problem. Basic law of Fault find is to eliminate the good bits until all that's left is the bad bit.
  9. Hi, if I delete Photos from Drive C/ that are duplicated on Drive E/ will Daminion still show the now redundant Filepath to Drive C/ or will they be automatically deleted??
  10. Hi, maybe a silly question, but how do you install the latest version? Does it overwrite the previous version and auto find the data or install a new programme that I would have to accossiate the Database too??
  11. Actually yes, while I was waiting for a reply I had a look around and found that, but thank you for answering.
  12. I have a number of Photos that have been moved to a different Drive but Daminion shows them on the old Drive, how do I reassign them to he new Drive with out having to totally retag please
  13. That is what I`m trying to avoid, trying to rationalise my Collection and have some Photos on C Drive, E Drive and I Drive and wanted open each in Daminion to save having to open each File in a Programme aand any that are not Tagged, etc could be Deleted.
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