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Batch Convert TIFF to JPG files replacing TIFF files


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17 hours ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

reimport the exported JPEGs

I am also hoping for the future that the export provides an option to automatically import the exported image. Not only when converting to another format like in Rene's case, but also for duplicating an image as a starting point to create several variations of the original image. (Version Control with check in, check out and Item Audit History does something similar, but it is a bit cumbersome to Save revision as, if you want to keep all versions visible in the catalog)

Re-importing manually has the disadvantage to loose those tags, which are not written to metadata.

One more thing, I would like to see with Export->Copy to Folder ... F7:
Currently the Destination Folder shows the most recently used folder. An additional option "Use source folder as destination" would be very helpful. Also in the case of re-importing (as long there is not automatic way), because you only need to click the icon for Locate folder (of the original item) and press F6. Currently you need to search for the folder you exported to - and if you exported to the wrong folder, you can search for a long time 😞 .

Also when browsing for another destination folder, it should locate the folder of the source file as starting point, rather than the most recently used.

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23 hours ago, Daria Kotilainen said:

Hi Rene and Wilfried, 


Feel free to set the export folder to Auto-Rescan to automatically import the exported files into the catalog



doesn't work for me, hence i always have to change folder, i installed photoshop on the server and had it running through


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