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Keywords not saved to jpg file

Peter S

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Hello Szymon, 


I'm very sorry to hear that you have lost all your tags! "Read Tags from Files" can be a very tricky operation that will eliminate the tags from the catalogs if those tags are not written into the files. Do you have a copy of your dmc catalog by chance? 

Daminion also creates automatic backups located in the same folder as the original catalog, please check if there are backups dated prior when you ran "Read tags from files"

If so, rename the backup to get "dmc" in extension and open it to see if it represents the correct state of the catalog. 



We are also offering a free migration to Daminion Home server for the users of the paid Daminion Standalone versions. Daminion Home server is free of many Standalone issues. 


Please let me know if you would be interested. 


Kind regards, 


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Hello Daria

Unfortunately I had no copy of my catalog. Also automated backups are at least 4 months old. For now I’m trying to figure out what actually happened to prevent it again in future (you already responded to my other post in new topic). On top of this I will remember making safe copies of catalog.

As for Server version, I have completely no need for server functionality. But if I can use it the same way as standalone, I can easily migrate my catalogs and it has less bugs/features 😊, than I will gladly accept the offer. Thank you!

Best regards,


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1 minute ago, Szymon said:

As for Server version, I have completely no need for server functionality

Szymon out of context: Based on my experience, even if the server and the client run on the same computer, you will see performance improvements. Also the migration will be easier and shorter, the sooner you do it.

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