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  1. Hello Daria Unfortunately I had no copy of my catalog. Also automated backups are at least 4 months old. For now I’m trying to figure out what actually happened to prevent it again in future (you already responded to my other post in new topic). On top of this I will remember making safe copies of catalog. As for Server version, I have completely no need for server functionality. But if I can use it the same way as standalone, I can easily migrate my catalogs and it has less bugs/features 😊, than I will gladly accept the offer. Thank you! Best regards, Szymon
  2. Hello Daria Thank you for response :). I was already experimenting with this. Issue is present also when I start the Daminion as administrator. Considering that issue files have for some reason less information in metadata from the start (comparing to the files that show no issue), I tend to belive that there is something wrong on the line file-Daminion and Daminion can't write to those files (caused by metadata structure or corruption?). But its really strange that simple metadata edition done outside Daminion is fixing it. Best regards, Szymon
  3. Small update of the issue. I experimented a bit with the files and I found out the following. - As mentioned, in part of the jpg files I'm not able to edit metadata via Daminion. When I do action -> write tags to file and than action -> show all metadata, I see no tags applied in Daminion catalog. - I'm able to edit the metadata in issue files outside Daminion from windows (in Windows via properties -> detail -> adding some random tag name) - After adding tag in Windows, Daminion sees the change (via actions -> show all metadata) - After adding tag in Windows, Daminion is also now able to edit the tags :D. When I do action -> write tags to file, I can see tags in metadata (both via Windows and Daminion). So in some way editing metadata in Windows in unblocking this also in Daminion. I was checking the access rights to the file before and after and there seem to be no change. I would say that it is or Windows issue with some not visible write/read rights that is unblocked when editing tags (although I tried also moving file between folders or even renaming them and it didn't help), or Daminion have some issue with writing to metadata of some (perhaps corrupted?) files and Windows has capability of overcoming it and somehow fixing the file structure?
  4. Hello All I just found out interesting issue on my Daminion 6.8 (2380) Standalone. It seems like I'm not able to write any tags into metadata of part of my jpg files. With most of the files it works fine, but with some of them not. These are pictures takes by the same camera, often on the same day. I checked the read/write right and they are ok (and the same) for both cases. I only noticed that files into which I'm not able to write have already fewer metadata items (like exposure details etc.). Is there a possibility that part of the files have some kind of corrupted metadata not allowing to add new items to it? I'm attaching the example (I'm not able to add tags to 1203). Is there some way of overcoming it? Thanks, Szymon jpg.zip
  5. I can (painfully) report the same issue. Also Daminion Standalone 6.8 on Windows 10, also no errors visible. I was not able to write the tags to the files until I opened Daminion as administrator. - I checked read/write rights to pictures, daminion catalog and all related folders. They are ok and showing full read/write rights. - As reported here by Peter S, when hitting "Write Tegs to File" there is no message, everything seem fine, but after checking metadata nothing is there. After hitting "Read Tags from File" all tags in Daminion catalog are gone. - During the issue all pictures are indicated as synced. What is the purpose of this "sync" if its indicating OK while tags in file and in Daminion catalog are different? The painful part is that due to this issue I probably lost 4 months of picture tagging. Yesterday I added few new pictures to the catalog (just by copy the in Windows). To update Daminion catalog with them I run the full catalog sync. After this half of my tags are gone! Both Daminion catalog and pictures metadata are not having tags. Back to the status of around 4 months ego. I suspect that issue of not writing to the files started around that time and full sync just "updated" Daminion catalog with tags from files (meaning no tags). Very, very, very annoying to say at least :(. Questions I have: -What is the purpose of “Sync pictures” if its showing “synced” even when pictures and Daminion catalog tags are different? - Is there any way I can retrieve my tags? Last Daminion catalog backup is also from 4 months ego and showing the same tag status as newly “synced” catalog. Not sure if this is coinsident, perhaps around that time some event triggered the automated backup and did something to the Damionion to prevent it from writing tags to files? - Do I need now always open Daminion as administrator to be able to write tags to files?
  6. Hello Katerina I can confirm that in 6.8 Standalone version the bug mentioned in my first post is also fixed. Thank you for your help and information 🙂
  7. Hello Katerina When clicking link for client version in this post I have following message: As for lack of ability of creating hierarchical tags in "Scene", can you let us know if this is design choice or a bug?
  8. I suspect you are now talking about two different issues :). Kate mentioned bug described in my 1st post (adding "\" and hierarchy-like tag name in case of assigning grouped tag via "Properties" window" If I'm correct, Wilfried confirmed that also in his case the "scene" tags don't have option for creating proper hierarchical tags. @Kate - when checking in "check for updates online..." I see information "running:, available online:". When clicking "download" I see option for downloading 6.8, but only for server version. I bought and use standard version.
  9. They are the same as you indicated. I played with this issue a bit more. The bug/feature I described is not present in "Keywords" tags and "Categories" tags. For them the picture tagged via "Tags" window or "Properties" window is behaving the same. It it always properly assigned to the group and metadata indicates only tag information (no group information). This is probably the best solution :). Looks like I should switch to hierarchical tags... but after checking I see there is no option for creating hierarchical tags in "Scene" :D. When using right-click there is no option ctrl+Ins (create tag in "tag_name"). When trying to use "Properties" window and add "|" sign, Daminion is not accepting it. Really starting to wonder if this is bug or some very badly introduced (with bugs 😉 ) feature.
  10. I found following behavior in Daminion during tagging of my pictures: Situation: 1. I created several groups of tags in "Scene". For example "Tag_group_1" with tags "Tag_1_in_group_1", "Tag_2_in_group_1" etc... 2. First I was populating those tags (located in groups) by dragging to "Tags" window or by "Assign Tag mode" in "Tags" window. 3. After some time I started also to assign above tags by typing in "Properties" window. Issue: 1. I see that I have doubled tag groups. In "Tags" window I see that: - pictures assigned via "Tag" window are in tag "Tag_1_in_group_1" located inside group "Tag_group_1". - pictures assigned via "Properties" window are in tag "Tag_group_1\Tag_1_in_group_1" that is not in any group. 2. When looking into the metadata I see that: - pictures assigned via "Tag" window have "scene" metadata as "Tag_1_in_group_1". - pictures assigned via "Properties" window have scene metadata as "Tag_group_1\Tag_1_in_group_1". 3. Tags created by assigning pictures in "Properties" window don't show any expanding list behavior that one would expect from group. I just see two tags next to each other, for example "Tag_group_1\Tag_1_in_group_1" and "Tag_group_1\Tag_2_in_group_1" that don't behave as they were in one group. Please let me know if this is any known behavior or bug. Is there any workaround available?
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