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Feature request - Linked items


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In the panel "Links" all linked items are displayed. However, you have to select each item individually to edit it. I would like to have a select option so that all items displayed in the "Link" panel are selected to be displayed in the thumbnail window and can now be edited together (assign tag, change etc.).
At the moment I have a "workaround" for this: I have defined a custom tag "Links", using Python script I read daily (as part of the daily backup procedure - automated action in Windows) the table "mediaitems_link" and fill the table of the custom tag "Link". This way I can select a linked item and all assigned items are displayed in the thumbnail window and can be edited.
I would like to avoid this cumbersome procedure.
This is how it currently looks: (see attachment)
Many greetings, Uwe 


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Thanks for the hint that selected items in the Link Window can now be changed in the Properties Panel. What does not work (yet):
No external editing (e.g. Affinity Photo) can be started for the selected item(s).
The selected item cannot be selected together with the item to which it is linked, only the linked items can be selected together.
An example: The RAW original photo (RAW-Photo) is processed externally and exported once as TIF (TIF-Photo) and a second time as JPG (JPG-Photo). The RAW photo is linked (what is linked to this item) with: TIF-Photo and JPG-Photo. The keywords are assigned as follows: Keyword-A for RAW-Photo and TIF-Photo, Keyword-B for RAW-Photo and JPG-Photo.
So when I search for Keyword-A, both the RAW-Photo and the TIF-Photo are displayed, but not the JPG-Photo, etc.
What is missing is the possibility to select both the RAW-Photo and the TIF-Photo or alternatively the JPG-Photo together and to assign them to the respective keywords. With the current version in Daminion, this has to be done individually for each photo. So assign Keyword-A and Keyword-B to the RAW-Photo and then Keyword-A to the TIF-Photo and Keyword-B to the JPG-Photo.
You'll get a video by Skype
Regards, Uwe


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