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6 hours ago, dc8studio said:

s there a way to ignore a filename in a search request and only use metadata in the file?

The file name can be used in a search request, but it is never mandatory. In fact, as long as you work within the Daminion client, you can completely ignore file name and folder, as long as the metadata tags give you enough details. But you need to make sure in the first place, that all kind of information you did encode in file or folder name, is reflected in a tag.

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On 10/1/2020 at 3:23 AM, dc8studio said:

Is there a way to ignore a filename in a search request and only use metadata in the file?

we put our company name in alot of files or might use a generic word like PLAN but we also use that as a tag category




Build your query as indicated in the screenshot attached.









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Additional screenshot included.
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Hmm, im not using keywords, im using a custom tag.

Trying to avoid going to custom search and lots of button clicking.

So further to that can you constrain a standard search to a custom tag (or is everywhere only option)
or can you constrain basic search to search for that precise word, not any part of the word.

i want search term Logo DC8 to find only logos for DC8 

at the moment exact phrase DC8
DC8 finds DC8Studio,DC8BCS,,DC8Logo, DC8NSW, DC8QLD

the exact term works for single word but doesnt create an operator in search result for multi word
entering the boolean operator would be handy in the search bar, ie

Logo AND DC8 creates search term using the boolean operator

Also Can that work in web client somehow as well ? or only desktop.... 
We already have a big lean to web interface for searching due to the fact it looks nicer. (and mac users.......)

Because our searchs are quite complex, i think our high end searchers will learn to speak Daminion rather than click buttons, hence the operators in search bar, the TAGS they look for are the studios standard vernacular for describing terms.

(note, we changed the TAG for logo to Logotype to avoid the filename issue but it doesnt because logo is in logotype)

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1 hour ago, dc8studio said:

or is everywhere only option

Yes, you can setup a search for any combination of tags.

1 hour ago, dc8studio said:

search bar

When you say "search bar" you mean the Quick Search? It does not support operators but multiple search terms.  In the pull-down menu, you can decide to search Everywhere or for one or more tags. However, for more complicated searches you can either use Advanced or create a Saved Search.

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Hi Jacob, 



Logo AND DC8 creates search term using the boolean operator

We need to get more requests to implement this feature. Unfortunately, right now it is not available and the only way would be to use the advanced search in the desktop client or by filtering\quick search in the web client


Kind regards'


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