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  1. Hmm, im not using keywords, im using a custom tag. Trying to avoid going to custom search and lots of button clicking. So further to that can you constrain a standard search to a custom tag (or is everywhere only option) or can you constrain basic search to search for that precise word, not any part of the word. ie i want search term Logo DC8 to find only logos for DC8 at the moment exact phrase DC8 DC8 finds DC8Studio,DC8BCS,,DC8Logo, DC8NSW, DC8QLD the exact term works for single word but doesnt create an operator in search result for multi word entering the
  2. Is there a way to ignore a filename in a search request and only use metadata in the file? we put our company name in alot of files or might use a generic word like PLAN but we also use that as a tag category
  3. Hi there, is there a dedicated location for feature requests or bug reports. Ive browsed through the general forum and its seems they are mixed in with hows tos and other questions. Where is best location to put these. Thanks
  4. Its on my list of bugs too, annoying for drag and drop tag assignment.
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