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2095 - Version control


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Hi Uwe, registered, thank you for reporting! Another thing that I found out - when you check out multiple files, and then, having them selected, click on V - the option to check them out is still active. If you just select one - it is grayed out just like you showed in your video. In both cases, right click > Version control > check out is not deactivated.


Appreciate your contribution Uwe!


kind regards, 


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On 3/26/2020 at 2:26 PM, Uwe said:

I get some exceptions if I use actions of the Version Control.

What exactly was the problem, Uwe? Version control basically does work for me in Build 2095, but when I have more than one version of the same image, the option View does not work for the oldest one (black screen while showing "Rendering"). 

I while ago, the client got hung, when I tried to Undo a checkout, but I did not further investigate into that issue and always use Check In now, even when I did not apply any changes to the item checked out. Even though, I did work several times, I believe, I had a problem once to Revert to this Revision in the Item Audit History, but since retrieving the old version manually from the hidden ~Versions subdirectory was easy, I also did not further follow up on this 😞

I do use Check Out - Check In quite  a lot to keep track about modified images, but after I migrated from a standalone catalog to Home Server, all the information about those versions was lost. However, the hidden ~Versions folders still exist and in the rare case, I want to use an older version of an image, I manually copy it to the main folder.

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