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Utility to detect upside down photos?


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Hi everyone,

I've discovered that with a recent import of about 2000 scanned family photos, that a small percentage of them were upside down during scanning. Rather than go through them manually, I was hoping there was some way to automatically detect and mark photos are likely to be flipped. Does Daminion (or some other software utility) have some capacity to suggest photos that are upside down? Note that I am not asking about the EXIF orientation flag, but rather detecting based on the contents of the image itself that it is wrong, perhaps using some neural net/deep learning model.

I've done some quick googling without finding quite what I am looking for, but hoped that perhaps the more experienced Daminion pros here may have found a solution.


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Thanks, rene. My hope was to find something that would detect them automatically (or at least a high percentage of them), without having to manually go through all 2000 images (since they are scattered throughout). Plan B would be to do as you say.

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My best guess on a tool would be exiftool found here:


Here is the first article that I cam across talking about using exiftool to derotate photos.


There are tons more articles that I would take a look at first before trying this. I would also try working with a small subset of your images that have been copied to a test location first just to make sure whatever you do works how you want it to.

Do not work on your original images.

Frank Hahn


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On 3/1/2020 at 12:10 PM, rene said:

mark them all and than right click and click  on turn

To make it just a little easier: F3 rotates 90° counter clock wise or F4 clock wise (for those like me, who hate mouse clicks 😁 )

On 3/2/2020 at 10:28 AM, rene said:

i can't think of any possible way

In theory, once the process to detect AI labels recognizes an object, it should also be able to understand its orientation .... or am I wrong? 🤔

On 2/26/2020 at 5:42 PM, k1w said:

scanned family photos

Not only for scanned pictures. Some camera models (even some newer Nikon models) don't record an orientation tag and it drives me crazy, if the photographer is not consistent in making portrait style pictures - some with the left hand up, others vice versa.

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