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How to remove GPS coordinates on selected thumbnails


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I didn't find how to remove GPS coordinates on thumbnail selection (over 50 selected)

You can remove GPS coordinates on one thumbnial (Clic on Lat field and select 'Remove GPS coordinates') but this option is not available with a selection.
what I did :
* select 50 thumbnails,
* put them in one place in map window. Like this all thumbnails have same GPS coordinates.

Then, I expected, when I selected these 50 thumbnails to see Lat/Long field displayed in properties panel (because Lat and Long are the same for all of them : dropped previously in same spot in map)
Then I could select 'Remove GPS coordinates'.

But, Lat/Long are not displayed in properties panel when several thunbnails are selected (even if they have same GPS coordinates) !!

Is there a way to do this with Daminion ?

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Ok, I have found another solution outside daminion (with window explorer) :

* Open folder where items are located. (right clic and 'Locate in explorer')
* select all thumbnail you want to remove GPS coordinates (or other Exif value)
* Right clic and then select 'Properties'
* Select 'Details' tab
* Select 'remove properties and personnal infos'
* Select 'remove selected files properties
* Select : Lat/Long properties

Then apply and validate.

Anyway, This would be nice if Daminion could display Lat/long field in Properties panel when several thumbnails are selected and have same coordinates. (Lat/Long)
Like this, you could remove GPS coordinates on selected thumbnails, same as you can do actually when only one thumbnail is selected.



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Kalain, the problem is with the number of files you select. When you select more than 20 files, all tags are hidden even is they are mutual tags. This is done to save the load time of the tags that are not mutual. Please try to select 50 files, then open Description and click the grayed-out sign under, say, keywords. This will make Daminion display all tags. You should see the lat\long if they are really the same and the option to remove them


Kind regards, 


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