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Lenses and Camera Model not properly sorted


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Dear Daminion Community, 

I just noticed the Camera Models and lenses are not properly assignd and sorted.



Camera models:







How can I merge These Cameras?


the lens "APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE APPLE " is strange and I think the lenses should be sorted by manufacturer. Further we should have a heading called "Apple" below this are all apple lenses, same with the cmaera model





How can I merge the Cameras into the proper Groups with renaming in order not to have any duplicates?

Thank you



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I can only confirm having the issue that most of the images made with the same camera appear under the group for the vendor (e.g. Sony/SLT-A55V), while some of them appear alone (SLT-A55V).  However, the latter applies only to an extremely small number of images (65 out 64,000), so I ignored it, even thought it's ugly anyway.

For the lenses, I also realized that Daminion doesn't recognize them correctly and assigns different lens names to images actually taken with the same lens on the same camera. It doesn't look as extreme as your Apple example though, but since I don't own an iPhone, I cannot comment on that.

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Best would be, if camera model and lens could be changed like manually assigned tags. I believe, there was a discussion on that already long time ago, but I forgot what the reason was, why it is not changeable. They way it is implemented now, simply doesn't make any sense to me.

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Hi rene,

did you check the EXIF metadata of the "Apple" file? I have some items taken by an Apple iPhome and there is this Exif lens tag: 

Lens Model                       Apple Apple Apple Apple iPhone X back dual camera 4mm f/1.8

Regarding the camera tag there is the following post:

regards, Uwe


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