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Unlinked Catalog

Paul Barrett

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I opened Daminion today and, for some reason, since yesterday every item in the catalog is shown as unlinked.


I tried relinking a few - no effect

I tried rescanning a few folders - no effect


All the images are present on my NAS. The location is unchanged and they are all visible in Synology Photo Station.


Has my catalog become corrupted? If so how do I repair it please?




- Paul

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I can't read or write the tags Uwe, but you're instincts are right. While I was waiting for replies, I noticed that all my network folders in Windows had dropped and would not reconnect. I have just rebooted the NAS to make sure that's not the issue. Windows is still not connecting, and if I try to map a new network folder, it's only seeing my backup and test servers, not production.


I think a Windows restart is the next step.

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Restart made no difference and that server is not discoverable by any of my PC's


Clearly this is a networking or server issue. I can access all services on the server through the web, just not through Windows. I can even use Synology desktop apps and sync them to the server. Weird.


I need to check out some Windows forums.

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For reasons that I cannot discover my NETBIOS settings went haywire sometime in the last 24-48 hours and I can no longer access a network drive. I can, however, access it and map it using the LAN IP address. So, as far as Windows is concerned, the drives are back.


By Daminion isn't happy. It has the UNC name in the catalog definition and that cannot be reached. I suppose I need to edit teh catalog or set up a new one in Daminion Home Server?


Is that right?


- Paul

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