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DNG image orientation (1623)


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I have an issue with portrait DNG files taken with my mobile phone. Daminion doesn't recognize the image orientation, it shows the image in landscape. When I try to rotate it 90° (either CW or CCW) the image rotates 180°. :negative:


There is an example image in my Dropbox folder (IMG_20170421_165557.dng).



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Not sure this is the same issue:


Recently I noticed the thumbnails of many portrait images don't show the correct orientation. They will be shown correctly, either after "Update Thumbnail" [Ctrl-B] or View [Enter]. In the latter case - depending on size and computer speed - they will show for some seconds in a portrait frame, but the image rotated and distorted (to fit the frame).


Instead, if I decide to "turn" the thumbnail using the rotate command (F3 or F4), it will rotate 180°, as Juha described it.


I'm not sure, if this was introduced with a recent build or with the fact that I more frequently change the size of the thumbnails, but I noticed it for the first time just a couple of weeks (or months?) ago. But it applies to JPG, not only from the mobile phone and not only recently imported ones.

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