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two category tags are gray, the others black


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Hello Egon,

the tag "Unassigned" is grey by default. It's a "system tag" and all items without a Category are "assigned to Unassigned".

Please check: Is the grey tag "Autos" a Tag or a Group? For "Groups" the grey color is used in the panel.

Regards, Uwe

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I created several groups myself.
Some have been written in dark others in light gray.
The number of elements is displayed for the dark ones.
In the case of the light gray, the elements are not counted, it is "0".

If i export the Tags, the light gray ones are displayed like this:  <<BERGE>>

What is the reason?
Can i fix this?
Is that also the case in version 7?

Regards, Erwin
Server 6.8.2380



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10 minutes ago, Erwin said:

find it irritating that the elements are not counted in groups.

Agree it is confusing, but also logical in my opinion: You cannot assign a group as tag to an image whereas the root level of a hierarchy can be assigned to images, regardless whether they are also tagged with one or more of the lower levels.

13 minutes ago, Erwin said:

Now I have to decide whether to switch to hierarchical tags.

I came to the conclusion that the groups don't make much sense to me. Mainly because they are not written into metadata.

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