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  1. Hi Uwe, thanks for doing this.
  2. Hi, this error already exists in version 6.8.2380. Regards Erwin
  3. Hi Uwe, I have not found such an element in 6.8.2380. I use linking very often. regards Erwin
  4. Hi, I started with the standallone version and soon realized that the server version is just better. Fewer bugs and more efficient. Standallone users should have been switched to server long ago. That would have saved a lot of programming time. But the fact that the conversion does not work properly is simply a gross omission. (Or can one already convert the Standallone catalog with all! features? As far as I know, you lose grouping and linking). Develop one! software and control the possibilities with the licenses. But I am not your free product manager. And I don't want to b
  5. Hi Daria, This means that the group, which certainly played a part in the success, is now put at the back of the queue. Then I will also no longer report bugs, that is then probably no longer of interest to Daminion. Regards, Erwin
  6. Hi Daria, I assume a wish list is not in Daminion's interest, is it? Kind regards, Erwin
  7. Hi, everyone sees it. The bug has existed for years. I've been around since version 5, when it was already there. There are an infinite number of such small bugs, Daminion doesn't care. The users also, the serious errors are more of interest. Greetings Erwin
  8. Hi Sternenatem, Before you decide, read here: regards Erwin
  9. Hi, I think that will be my way too. Regards, Erwin
  10. Hi Wilfried, You're right, that's the difference. I find it irritating that the elements are not counted in groups. Now I have to decide whether to switch to hierarchical tags. Thanks.
  11. Hi, I created several groups myself. Some have been written in dark others in light gray. The number of elements is displayed for the dark ones. In the case of the light gray, the elements are not counted, it is "0". If i export the Tags, the light gray ones are displayed like this: <<BERGE>> What is the reason? Can i fix this? Is that also the case in version 7? Regards, Erwin Server 6.8.2380
  12. Hi Peter for me the fourth entry "Location" is the name of a certain place. So like this: botanical garden, train station, on the bridge, etc. However, I do not use a "blank" but a "-" I do it like this: Canada / Ontario / - / Algonquin Park regards Erwin
  13. Hi Daria, it would make sense. Otherwise I would wish for functions that you already have on the wish list. Why should everything be posted twice and three times? kind regards, Erwin
  14. Hi Daria, For me as a user, it would be interesting if there were an official wish list. At the moment the requests are scattered somewhere in the forum. I have many wishes on my list, but I don't know if they have already been made. Kind regards Erwin
  15. Hi Daria, I just noted it. It's not a big problem for me. My attitude to an update see here: https://forum.daminion.net/topic/4589-version-7-layout/?tab=comments#comment-17655 Kind regards, Erwin
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