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  1. Hi, the help says: You can use Google, Bing, Yandex, Yahoo or Open Streetmap. In the server version, however, Open Streetmap and Yahoo are not available. How can I use Open Streetmap? In the client not in the web client. Daminion Server 6.8.2344 greetings Erwin
  2. Hi, I used Uwe's python scripts. With these you can bring the linking connections from the local catalog to the server catalog. These scripts are for the links only You then have to do the grouping connectionss again in the server catalog. Thanks to Uwe for the scripts. greetings Erwin
  3. Hi there, @Uwe: you should post that in the Daminion standalone forum area as a warning. @Daria: bought. I'll stick with the server version too, as the imported catalog is MUCH faster than the standalone one. And I'm only at ~50% of my photos. @Daminion: Catalogs naturally get bigger and bigger. That is the point. Recommend a change and forget the disadvantages, I don't think that's OK. I think it would be appropriate to work on it immediately or to point out when PURCHASING that the standalone version HAS LIMITS and a COMPLETE TRANSFER is NOT POSSIBLE afterwards.
  4. Hi Daria, Yes, I still have my local catalog. I noticed the error immediately and didn't work on the web catalog any further. Should i go back to an older version or wait for the next version? greetings Erwin
  5. Hi there, I was using Daminion Standalone and my catalog exceeded 35,000 items. The following message appeared: "Your catalog is greatly increased. Local catalog lose performance and efficiency after significant growth. We RECOMMEND you switch to Daminion Server" So I installed Daminion Server and imported the local catalog. Now ALL linking and grouping connections are lost. These were NOT adopted. Is this only in the version I am using? greetings Erwin
  6. Hi, since there are no answers, I narrowed down the problem. It exists when the synchronization is ON and XMP files are used. After I turned off XMP and deleted all XMP files, everything works correctly. Regards Erwin Daminion 6.4.2099 - StandaloneW7-64
  7. My Canon RAW (CR2) are always in landscape format in Windows. After importing into Daminion, I rotate the thumbnails of the portrait pictures manually (F3, F4). If I update the folder (F6) the thumnails of these pictures are wrong again. Daminion 6.4.2099 W7-64 Is this problem known? Regards Erwin
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