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1582 - Rename and Merge People Tag


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if you rename a tag the file is updated with the new name of the tag.

This doesn't work if the new tag is a result of a merge.

E.g. People Tag:

Miller ->Jenny

Young ->Paul

Jenny married Paul. The tag "Miller" will be changed to "Young" by rename and merged to the existing tag "Young".

In this case the catalog is updated and after a refresh you see

Young ->Jenny

in the Properties Panel of this item BUT in the file there is still

Miller ->Jenny

until you call the action "Write Tags to file"

Regards, Uwe

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On a related note. if you delete a tag, the files don't get updated to delete the value


I converted the tags for People, Place and Event to keyword tags because that's all my photo display app supports. I deleted the tags, but I keep coming across files that still contain the old tags in the metadata. That's a problem if incorrect tags have been corrected in the keywords structure because they will be out of sync.


I'm going to have to do an ExifTool session to clear them out. One day. When I have time. :)


- Paul

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Hello Uwe,


fixed in 1606


Hi Paul,


I'm afraid, I cannot reproduce what you are talking about. Or I just got it wrong :(


In the tags panel I delete a hierarchical tag and get the message "Some of the sub-tag may already be assigned to files. These values will be removed from all files". I confirm and the values are deleted from files' metadata.




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