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Auto rescan wait time

Paul Barrett

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I have a single folder in a catalog that has auto rescan turned ON, and the auto rescan setting is IMMEDIATE. This is the only folder in THIS catalog that has auto rescan turned ON.


Under those conditions how long should I expect it to take before the items are visible in the catalog. With a setting of 'immediate' my expectation is that it should happen quickly, Currently I am seeing it take >10 minutes


I have another, bigger, catalog which has auto rescan turned on from the root because changes can take place anywhere in the tree. Would that affect the other catalog? Does that need to finish a cycle before this one can rescan?


- Paul

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Hi Uwe,


Thank you for your replies!



Hi Paul,


Just wanted to ask, if auto-rescan works as expected with these new settings?





Yep, it does. And if I had read the little help-on-hover message alongside the option I would have known. Is there an emoticon for 'Hangs his head in shame?' This comes close.good.gif






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