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Unassigned Place


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The new function Catalogue > Analyse mentions that some pics has unassigned Place. sBut investigating those pics (eg. exiftool), they have both the City tag from XMP-photoshop and IPTC. Normally this should be valid :-)


I think the analyse function for place is not working correctly. Can you confirm this?

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I can confirm the same with the built 1582 standalone client. Under "Files with unassigned place" it shows 1118 which do have one specific place assigned. Whereas in reality the number of images which do not have any place assigned is much bigger and can easily be found in the first entry of the tags window , where country = [country], state = [state], city=[city] and location=[location] (the characters between [ and ] are Grey).

However, for keywords, categories, title, descriptions and people it seems to work correctly

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