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Daminion Web Client


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Has there ever been a request for a Wordpress plugin for Daminion? I think something like that would be great.


Several web gallery type programs, at least at one time, had Wordpress plugins that would allow you to include photos from their galleries within a Wordpress post. I would like to eventually see that capability with Daminion.


Two of the gallery programs that I am thinking of are ZenPhoto and Piwigo.




Frank Hahn

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I currently have Wordpress running on a local machine.


It is just more convenient not having to export photos and then import them back into another program, Wordpress in this case.


As an example, there is a Wordpress plugin for Piwigo called PiwigoPress.


There is an icon for the application when creating/editing a Post.




Basically the software uses Piwigo galleries that have been created previously and the PiwigoPress software creates the links to these photos automatically within your post.


Frank Hahn

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