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New search feature


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Well, I would suggest even more sophisticated feature : sql query window with option to save queries (saved queries would be visible in the "Saved Searches" tag).

This would solve all limitations as for file searching. No problem to find adequate sql resources.


-- M.

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+1 on this


I think it has been asked for before but I couldn't find the post.


Personally I've needed this kind of "complement search" for doing queries like: all files without N category.


You can exclude a category from a query by hitting it on the tag tree by holding the Alt key.

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Hello Murat,


exclude a category is not what I mean.



In a database with animals the animal name is stored in the project tag.

How should look the search for all animals except lions?


I would prefer: project contains not lion


I think exclude a category does not help me, right?



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