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[1213] Black screen in full view mode from Tray


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Looks like black screen in full view mode (from thumbnail windows) has been solved. (that's a very good point)


But, black screens are often there in full view mode from Tray window!


Would be nice to solve this issue.


By now, Tray in full view mode is nearly impossible to use.



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Hi Murat,


issue with black screens from the thumbnails window in full screen view mode



Sorry, but the problem is not solved.


Yesterday with build 1213 on a slow computer with 200 fotos no problems.


Today with build 1214

I5 760 8 GB RAM

within the first 500 Fotos 2 "Blackout"


Then I got a folder of 49 fotos

- All JPG

- Fotossize from 1670 to 3597 KB

- Foldersize about 121 MB


Within this folder I can reproduce the issue, but always other fotos, sometimes 1 blackout, sometimes 4 blackout.


I created a new catalog with only this suspect folder. And within this new catalag I can reproduce the blackout, but always other fotos.

Daminion closed and new start: same problems.

Then I put all 49 fotos into the tray and started full screen view. Same problem: blackouts



Nevertheless a nice weekend



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Hi Murat,


I made another test with my 49 fotos



old computer


Windows XP SP3

AMD Athlon 2200 MHz (single core !!!)


Daminion build 1213


There are no problems with black screen (but rendering is very slow)




The other computer with Windows 7

Processor: I5 760 (4 cores)




I created a new catalog for the test with build 1241 (49 fotos)


there are black screens with build 1241




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Thank you, Pictor! Can you please launch Daminion 1241 on your i5 PC via command line with -log_enable parameter and reproduce this issue again. And once the black screen appears again please send me the folder with log files.

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\Logs

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Can you please try to reproduce the black screen issue with the 1245 build.


If this bug appears again could you please re-launch Daminion by -log_enable parameter. And try to reproduce again. Once you'll see the black screen again please don't press any keyboard keys or mouse on Daminion and send me the log files:

C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Daminion Software\Daminion\1.0\Logs



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Hi Murat


I tested:


- 3 passes with my 49 fotos from thumbnail view

- 2 passes from tray

- another folder with about 200 items from thumbnail view


Result: no black screens !!!


During the weekend I will make same more test.


Thank you and the team.



Have a nice weekend




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