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  1. Hi Daminion, Forum side now works correctly again. Pictor
  2. Hi, very interesting. On my PCs the folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\inetsrv is empty. I find the file nativerd.dll when searching with "Everything" (my most used program) in a collective (?) file, which in my opinion is an archive file. And Daminion is working. Windows 10 Prof/Home 1809 Daminion Standalone Pictor
  3. Hi Daminion, the certificate for forum.daminion.net expired on 30.06.2019. All browsers complain about it. Please renew at short term. Pictor
  4. Hello, Uwe and Wilfried (and of course DAMINION), I tested with jpg files in build 1933 Standalone. If the second is zero and there is no SubSec, now everything is ok with seconds. But the field UserComment is missing. If the exif data contains SubSec (no matter if second is 00 or unequal 00), these (and also the UserComment field) have disappeared after entering a keyword. This is a consequence of the last changes by Daminion, because before the SubSec specification was "only" corrupted. Therefore this is still the same problem for me. Below is the ExifToolGUI documentation before and after inserting a keyword into DAMINION for a jpg-file with SubSec. Pictor Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator from German to English
  5. Hello Uwe and Wilifried, thanks for your information and help. --------- I don't have much time at the moment and so I just came for testing. So I tested the build 1933 (Standalone) directly. But not very detailed. The following statements: - The "seconds" are no longer destroyed - The Exif data of all photos with SubSec no longer have a "SubSec Section" after entering a keyword in DAMINION. Irrespective of the seconds. So also photos with the time e.g. 14:22:17. @Daminion: From my point of view the problem is not solved yet. Pictor Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator from German to English
  6. Hi Wilfried, thanks for your info. I found this link before but the link is dead. I do need the STANDALONE version. Pictor
  7. Hello, Uwe and Wilfried, thank you for pointing out that it seems that this serious bug has finally been fixed. 😉 But ..... @Daminion where can I download Build 1924 Standalone? I didn't find any hints or links! Is there a change log for 1924? What has been fixed? Pictor
  8. Daminion Vers. 6.0 final (1904) Standalone Version Windows 10 Home 18-09 64bit The bug still exists. Exif-data with SubSec: - Tag SubSecTime........................missing - Tag SubSecTimeOriginal...........only one digit left - Tag SubSecTimeDigitized..........only one digit left Exif-data without SubSec - Tag DateTimeOriginal.................Sec missing - Tag CreateDate...........................Sec missing You received the first error message in May 2015. Now we have February 2019. Why was the error not fixed? If the bug cannot be fixed, tell your customers why it can't be fixed. I will not buy maintenance until this bug is fixed. A bug that destroys data must be fixed with the highest priority. Silence is a bad sign to the customer. Daminion, please wake up. I have created another test series including problem SubSec. Details you will get to your support email adress (photos and screenshot of metadata via ExifTool) A angry customer of yours. Pictor Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator from German to English
  9. Thank you Daminion-Team for "rebuilding" the usability. Pictor
  10. Hi, I don't want to have to set the "sort by" to datasetname every time Daminion starts. At 99 percent of the launches I need the sort by datasetname. Therefore, please expand the settings for this selection: Sort (last) No sorting This is usability, a very important quality feature Thank you Daminion-Team in advance for the change. Pictor
  11. Pictor

    Build 1660

    Hi Daria, where can I get the Standalone-version of build 1660? In "The latest Daminion builds" I can only find the server version. Thanks Pictor
  12. Hi Uwe I use the standard. See attached file. A test without activating "Accelerate Preview": no difference in rendering behavior. I currently have only files up to about 4MB (not external). I am still of the opinion that it is a design problem. Pictor
  13. Uwe

    Hi Pictor,

    is this your email address ddorfinfo@gmx.de?

    I'll send a video to you showing the performance of the full screen view in my system.

    Regards/Viele Grüße Uwe

  14. Hallo Frank and Wilfried, "BYPASS" with V could be that, what I am looking for. Thank you for this simple trick. But this "bypassing" shows only the images of the folder of the " v " image. I tested it with a search for all "2 star" images, and the results are in many folders. So I got not the images from the thumbnail-view. IrfanView does not get the image list of Daminion. So the "bypassing" works for folders but not for a search result. Therefore I am still looking for a solution for the rendering problem. Pictor
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