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Is it possible to automatically link Raw and Jpeg?


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When I'm selecting my photos, in some folders I have Raw and automatic jpeg from the camera. If I cancel the raw, the jpeg is still there and viceversa. Is there a way to automatically link and delete the two?

Best would be with a window asking for confirmation, maybe in the same windows asking to move the file to the recycle bin, it would be nice to have the possibility to check also to move the "twin" file.

Otherwise I have to manually select later all the files missing the "twin", quite a tedious work.


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We didn't decide yet, what approach to select to manage RAW+JPEG. Possible ways are:

- Don't import JPEGs with a corresponding RAW images (fastest way to develop)

- Group RAW and JPEG (it's not obvious whether this is a good approach)

- Create a new "Versions" options to manage different versions of the same asset (slowest way to develop)

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Some raw editors embed the processing "recipe" in the raw file itself others create a separate sidecar file (e.g. .pp3 for RawTherapee). The most valuable files to have in an asset management system are the originals and the receipes, the final JPGs you can always recreate, if you have the sources.


For using the digital assets it is valuable to have the final products available, unless Daminion could "seamless" launch the generation process and recreate the JPGs every time they are needed.


I vote for the last option, as I have already described my ideal solution a year ago. As an intermediate solution I think the second one would be find, maybe added with a preference to create groups or not.



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