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DxO Optics Pro and Daminion


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I would like to combine DxO Optics Pro and Daminion in my workflow. In the forum of DxO I have read that Daminion maybe will support for Dx0 sidecar files (.dop). Is this still a plan or already realized? I am very interested.




Speculation mode on: DxO presents the new DxO Optics Pro 10.0 at photokina, Cologne, 16.- 21.09.2014



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The latest 1070 build should works DxO optics side cars (.dop)


Please check it.


Hi Murat,

sorry for raising an one year old subject....

I am evaluating workflow options for daminion and DxO Optics pro.


Can you please explain what are you telling with "The latest 1070 build should works DxO optics side cars (.dop)" ?


When i rename a File "basename.nef" the accompanied sidecar "basename.xmp" is renamed. Daminion treats them as one File, thats working. The additional DxO Sidecar "basename.nef.dop" is not managed by daminion.


Leaving back the .dop sidecar File makes any workflow with DxO and Daminion yery error prone.


Is this behavior by design or a bug ?


Is there any plan to work on other sidecar files than .xmp ?



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The problem is because the current Daminion version renames only sidecar files with

originalfile.dop syntax but not originalfile.nef.dop.


We've did the necessary chanegs and now both type of sidecar files will be renamed when renaming the original file.


Hello Murat,

that are very good news. My Daminion - DxO Tandem is now complete.

Thats what i call a very good service bei daminion Team.

Many Thanks !



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yes the "Rename" works for the triple "file.ARW, file.XMP, file.ARW.DOP". But the "Delete" doesn't delete the DOP file from the disk.

Testet with local catalog, build 1726.

Regards, Uwe


Hi to all,

the problem still exists. Just tested it with the latest build 1755 (Stand alone version). I have lots of left over file.NEF.DOP files. Please fix it.


Best regards, Roland

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