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Feature request: bulk copy tags


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I would like to be able to perform a 'bulk copy tags' on my pictures.


How shall this functionality work? I have a directory with NEF files. These files are tagged with all the information I need.

Ususally now I edit some of these pictures in Paint Shop Pro and store them as JPG files in a subdirectory. During this process the tags are lost and I have to adjust them manually. I choose the first NEF file (for example DSC_2952.NEF), copy the tags and paste the tags to picture DSC_2952.JPG. This I also do for the other pictures which is a rather annoying process if you have to do it 20 or 30 times.


The 'bulk copy tags' should work as follows:


- I mark all the NEF files in a directory

- copy the tags of all these files with Alt+Shift+C

- next I mark the corresponding JPG files

- and finally paste the tags with Alt+Shift+V


The software should assign the tags from DSC_2952.NEF to DSC_2952.JPG, drop the tags from DSC_2953.NEF as there is no corresponding JPG file, assign the tags from DSC_2954.NEF to DSC_2954.JPG and so on.



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I think the problem is that the tags are in the .xmp sidecar file. I have used following exiftools command to copy my tags from .CR2 to .JPG (they reside in the same directory).

exiftool -ext xmp -tagsfromfile %d%f.xmp -all:all -ext jpg .

And then I do read tags from file in Daminion.


I think you should execute the command in the directory where you have the jpegs and replace %d with the actual path of the .NEFs. (No guarantee given :victory: )


I hope this helps you for the time beeing.



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